I Went Down

about a week ago i fell doing some flatland tricks(on a bike) and chipped my hip bone, so yesterday was my first day on the uni, i figure i was good by now, so i get out my little wooden box to try to do a rolling hop completly over it, so i get back, freemount, take off, i get to the right position, i get ready to hop, i lock my wheels and hop, well, my hip gives out before the hop is complete, i land on the edge of the box and go bang, rite on my chipped hip, now it feels like i pinched a few nerves:S…well, its time for me to head to school, last day and we have finals ALL DAY blah


I would have to say that that was truly a bad idea, but way to go! You got kischkes!


(what else is there to say?)