I was wrong and I apologize

Some of you may remember of me complaining about my Yuni Muni. I could never get it to track straight regardless of any attempts my made such as reversing the wheel, aligning the fork legs,etc. I could ride my 28" Sun straight as an arrow so I assumed that it had to be the Yuni. Well, I was wrong:(
On New Year’s Day, while riding with mkuhfahl (Matt), I got a chance to ride his KH 24 and to my dismay, I kept veering off center on it as well.
Reflecting back quite some time ago, while I was still racing motorcycles, I was told by a chiropractor that one hip was about 10 mm lower than the other. After having this revelation, I wondered if the width of the seat on the Muni’s may have had some to do with my problem.
Today, I took the much narrower saddle from my yet unridden Coker and installed it on my Muni and headed for the local running trail that I frequently ride on. Although I wobbled a bit, I seemed to go in a much straighter line. I think the wider saddle on the Muni might have exaggerated the difference in length from my hip to the pedal and contributed to my problem.
So to all you Yuni riders out there, please accept my apologies for the negative comments I made in the past about your favorite ride.

BTW. Steve, I’m still interested in purchasing one of your frames, even though it’s not my Yuni that’s defective :smiley: :wink:

Maybe wearing a wallet in the back pocket on one side would help – like a shim for your hip.

Or you could try making an air seat with foam on top like mine here. But cut the foam so it is wedged from right to left or left to right to even out your hips. It might help or it might make the situation worse. Hard to know until you try.

Playing with the angle of the seat may also help. I like my muni seat angled up so I’m sitting on the back part of the seat. If you use rails and a bicycle seat post you can play with the angle to find what works best for you.

I’m hoping the air seat that I just built will help by allowing me to “rock” my hips a little more while in the saddle. Hopefully, I’ll get to put a few miles on it tomorrow

Sounds exactly like an orthodic support for shoes, only different. Would this be called a butt-thodic support? or glutethodic?

And all this time we thought it was your head that wasn’t on straight, Kenny.:wink:
Riding crooked is better than not riding at all (like poor me).:frowning:


Have you tried twisting your muni seat round so it isn’t quite straight? There are quite a few people who ride better with a wonky seat.


That’s quote-worthy!