I was wondering....

Im sort of new at this currently at level 4. But i was wondering if any of you peeps use 24` uni for muNI ? :thinking:

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I do. A lot of people on here use 24", I think.

New at level 4? I’ve been riding a year and a half and I’m only at level 2! But I learn slow when it comes to unicycling. :slight_smile:



Well ive been riding for about … 3 months yeah im lvl 4 i just have like half the things down though. Thanks I had no idea because im not into muNI just tricks and riding ;). Im turning my 24` into a muNI i was just asking if it would work ok. so thanks for your reply :wink:

Many people prefer a 24 for MUni. When I had my 24 and 26 set up for MUni, I often took the lighter, more manoeuvreable 24.

A 24 with a big fat tyre can end up with the same ‘rolling diameter’ as a 26 anyway.

Take any decent 24, put a knobbly tyre, 150mm cranks and some platform pedals on and it will go up and down most things. Wonderful machine.

A bigger wheel will trample through undergrowth and roll over roots better, but a 24 is so nimble on narrow twisty tracks.

You’ll have great fun. And one day, you’ll know whether you want to ‘upsize’ or not, but not until you’ve developed a style and preference of your own.

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Cool thanks I will look into it

Re: Heh

Oh, shut up.

Just kidding. :stuck_out_tongue: