I was wondering if anyone could tell me how much it is worth

It has a Norco Performance Bikes frame, Alex Rims DX23 rim, Luna Bike Trail tire, and a axiom Kris Holm seat.
It is almost new, although it has a bit of rust on the metal components from being outside for a long time. Anyone have any idea how much this is worth?

pictures?? link? if its super rusty not alot, i woldnt pay more than 20 bucks for the rim and 10 for the tire. I have no clue about the seat.

I’m guessing you could get 20 or 30 for the seat, obviously depending on the age/type. If you post some pics people could help you out better.

I looked up the seat and id say 15 at the most

You haven’t mentioned whether the cranks are splined or not. If they are the value is probably around a hundred (at most). It’s old and heavy by current standards. It would be a good ride for someone who wants to learn trials, but can’t invest in a new uni. There’s a good chance that the parts aren’t compatible with any current standards, and so upgrades/repair parts will be few and far between. Another unfortunate truth is that uni’s don’t have much collectible value, so it’s not going to appreciate in time.