I was wondering about a Unicycle

If I learn how to ride I’m going to buy a 20 inch unicycle made for freestyle use. Any Ideas? I was wondering if possibly if the 20 inch Sun unicycles any good?

I haven’t ridden one, but from what I see, they look like they’ll work quite good. :slight_smile:

Re: I was wondering about a Unicycle

Freestyle use implies that you want to learn “tricks” (we usually call them skills) like one foot riding, wheel walking, one foot wheel walking, etc. One foot skills are much easier with a frame with a flat crown. The Sun unicycles have a round crown which does not give proper support for putting your foot up on the crown.

The best option right now for a freestyle unicycle is something based on the 20" Semcycle Long Neck.

Advantages the Sem Long Neck has over the Sun

  • Flat crown which is very important for freestyle.
  • Comes with an alloy rim which is better than the steel rim on the Sun.
  • Comes with an adult sized saddle. The Sun comes with a child sized saddle.
  • A long neck which moves the seatpost clamp up higher where it is out of the way. When doing some freestyle skills (like seat on side) your leg rubs on the frame right where the seatpost clamp is on a low neck frame. The long neck moves the seatpost clamp up where it is more out of the way.
  • The long neck also means that you likely won’t need an extra long 400 mm seatpost. 300 mm seatposts are the standard length and longer seatposts (especially for Miyata seats) are more expensive.

Unicycle.com also has custom configurations based on the Semcycle Long Neck frame. Upgrades like a better wheel and stuff.

If you want a unicycle with a bit more style than the stock Sem Long Neck you could get the frame, a 300 mm Miyata seatpost, and a 20" black Torker. Cannibalize the Torker for parts to build a cool freestyle unicycle with the Sem Long Neck frame. You’ll end up with a cool black Miyata style saddle, a cool black alloy rim, and a really cool unicycle. You’ll want to confirm with unicycle.com that the wheel from the black Torker will fit in the Sem Long Neck frame (I’m pretty sure it will, the concern is that the Torker hub may be a different width than the Semcycle XL hub). The result would be a very cool freestyle unicycle with nice black accents.
Miyata seatpost
Semcycle Long Neck frame
20" Black Torker unicycle