i was gonna start training until..

I looked outta the window was gonna do my scenic 15-20Mi run… and can’t see 20 ft in front of me.

Thick fog and poking sun, well there goes my 1st day, forcast was sun for sat.

i really feel for you. this is the sky above me just now :roll_eyes:

but i have to go to work:(

oh well… at least it means i might be able to get a bit of riding in after work tonight, as hopefully it will not have rained in the interim period:p

If its any consolation, i got an early 10 miles in this morning in under brilliant blue skies.

well if i look out now it’s like that, but it’ll be dark b4 i get bk and i don’t do night- actually i will do night riding.

off out :smiley: