I want to muni in Sacramento NOW!

Hi all,

I’m Debbie from Australia. I’m on my way to unicon in Japan (the long way around). I’m planning to go to Sacramento tomorrow from San Francisco. Who wants to muni??

Ring me on my temporary cell number 14152169791 urgently… I’m running out of time here.


PS. Also, is there anyone out there in Berkeley (CA) who wants to ride next week or play any team unicycle games (like basketball).

We Play unicycle basketball in Berkeley on Tuesday nights at 6:00pm.


If you’re going to be here Sunday, we are going for a Muni ride. I can’t call your cell right now, but I might when I get home.

If you see this, call me: 916.847.4886



Hey Jess, I wanna go up and ride with yall, but I can’t stay at Zack’s. Would it be possible for me to stay at your place?


thanks guys

Thanks everyone.

Sorry I couldn’t get to Berkeley, I was having too much fun in Sacramento doing muni with Zack and Jess! I’ve worked out i definately need to get a brake on my muni.

It was also great to meet more unicyclists at the meet on Wednesday night. I just didn’t have enough time to do everything and meet everyone i wanted to.

I’m in New york now and will be going on the Long Beach Island unithon tomorrow.

Thanks again Zack (and family) and Jess. See you at Unicon.