I want to make a unicycle seat cover

what is a good material to make one out of?
its for my coker, for long distance rides. I have a duct tape seat cover right now, and its pretty decent. but as you can probably figure, its not the most comfortable thing in the world (:
I did a search which brought up lots of pictures, but it didn’t really say what any were made out of…
so, what material is strong and comfy and durable?

Yeah I would like to know such knowledge too, I’m going to end up having to make a new seatcover for my 26" coker. THe old one is falling apart.

make an airseat with like fur stuff for the cover, of fake fur if your for that whole animal rights thing

…26" coker?

I have home-made seat cover on my muni and coker, both are made of nylon, similar to the old Roach’s cover. It’s pretty durable, and come in a variety of colors. I’m riding with those for three years now, without major wear. Just make good seams because that’s habitually the weak point.

My 26" LX with 110 cranks. Fastest uni I own, so it’s my coker sotospeak.

one of my non uni friends suggested that you could sort of make a um how do i say this? i know a seat bag i think he said to cut out the shapes that you need then sew them to gether and make an elastic band arouund at the bottom

I’ve made a few covers out of vinyl. It wears well and is easy to work with. I have a pattern that fits a Miyata or stock Coker seatbase. If anyone needs a copy of the pattern, I can email it to you.

i went to the fabric shop and got the heaviest (highest threadcount) nylon i could find. i made a pattern from an old KH seat cover (PM me if you’d like a copy) and cut the nylon just a bit larger than the pattern.

when sewing the cover, make sure to use a coarse stitch (less stitches per inch), otherwise you’ll be perforating the fabric and it will tear at the seam quite easily. if you have access to a surger (it quadruple-stitches and trims the seam all at once) use that… it’ll make the strongest seam. otherwise, use a coarse zig-zag stitch and stitch each seam twice (go back over it) to make sure it never rips.

if you’re not sewing a channel through which to run the laces, use grommets to reinforce the holes in your cover. just cutting a hole in fabric (even if it’s doubled over) never lasts very long, especially when the laces are held under tension.

post some pics when you’re done! my seat cover looks like frankenstein right now, so i’m not posting until version 2 is done :slight_smile:

i just used an old kh seat cover(one of the perones thats stappled in) to cover the seat i just cut down…but i just used one layer of duct tape covered by a layer of electrical tape…grungy but effective.