I want to learn German

Aber ich kann’s lesen - und uebersetzen.

Klaas Bil (Niederlande)

Hahahaha, net schlecht, Klaas Bill. I was, i kau eicha sproch a lesn, oba sprechen kaun is net. An schen Gruas ins Laund, wos kan Berg gibt, und quasi Muni net wirklich existiern kau :frowning:

I’m sort of desperate, I really need to know how to say “where is the dog?”. Because I can say stuff about dogs in a lot of languages, but not German.

“Wo issn de Hund”

hehe, cool…

hello all!

Hello Jagur! Do you want to learn German as well? Or do you already know it

yeah, but i dont think it would be easy learning on a forum.

I’m just learning some usefull phrases here. I’m not interested in grammar… :smiley:

then you schoud learn to say this: du bist eine grosse Flusspferd :smiley:

die checken das ned:

ein großes flussscheisstier

Ich bin eine Hengst!

lol what does that mean?

It means:
You are a big hippo.

Haha, well… It is usefull. And that’s good.:slight_smile:

How do you say “Yo elephant” in German?


It’s similiar to:

“Ich will viel Schrott uebersetzt haben.”

Hehe… 2 words in english translate into 6 words in german…

I translated it into:

“I want many crap being translated.”

Interesting interesting… It actually will be interesting to find out if that phrase will be usefull or not. I hope I will remeber it.