I want to join muni militia!!!!!

I live in the uk and want to join muni militia how can I get a t in the uk.
I don’t want to join hell on one wheel as I have lived on earth all my life and never came from hell!!! I don’t know of any other gang’s. And I am not letting thunderwheels take my turf!!!
gangless Ben:(

yes yes, mUni Militia shirts for all dangit :smiley:

You know you want a 30 year old redneck in the militia :wink:

I have gotten a few other people asking for Militia Shirts lately it seems the one wheel death squad is ready for another batch of shirts. As it stands right now I dont have any more shirts as I only printed up one for every person who preordered them, arround 30 total were printed up. I dont know how many stickers are left either from what MoJoe printed up.

As far as making more of them goes I’ll get on it as soon as I can, this time they will be done professionally though as I dont have the time to sit and hand ghetto print each one and fuck up the design differently on each shirt. That or I’ll actually purchase the correct materials to so a decent screen printing job.

If anyone else would like to take the initiative to making more militia shirts thats cool too.

Mike aka Chex

I’ll take a shirt and sticker too.

Any idea on the cost and shipping?

Thanks mike.

to ship to you… $70 :wink: :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Chex did a fantastic job on the last set of shirts and got a plethora of complaints and headaches for the effort he put into it. He promised to deliver a ghetto style silk screened shirt with irregular lettering and non uniform printing and that was exactly what he delivered. They were true ghetto style made-in-your-kitchen shirts and that was one of the primary appeals. He included shipping in the already ridiculously low price. AND STILL THEY COMPLAINED! Not to mention the idiotic exchange over the “controversial” slogan.

I also think he got screwed in the process. People payed late so he had to front the money or they didn’t pay at all or said that they wanted one and then gave no mailing information or return address. If we are lucky enough that he does it again you can BLAME ME PERSONALLY if the price goes up because I will pressure him to jack it up enough that he doesn’t have to scramble around for the funds for the project. Jeez, he even did all the labor for free.

Hey, Mike, I’d like one too. Cost plus shipping???


Know what you should do. Sell the rubber sticky things so people iron the designs on for themselves.

What is the design? Anyone have a link to a picture?

Yeah, Harper knows where it’s at.

Mike put tons of work into the shirts and I personally love mine. There’s shots of it in U2 as well. Props to Mojoe for the logo and stickers which I also have. Awesome work.


ok #1) Iron on’s suck no offence to people that use them but the standard ones that you get and put on with a home iron dont cut it, they also dont hold up well over time.

#2) Shirts have not been printed yet, no design is currently made for them, and no shipping costs exist on a product that isnt ready.

#3) Harper is right I got burned last time when I made shirts, this just means that I will try to reduce my cost of production and buy shirts through someone with a wholesale licence and then take payment before items get shipped. As far as I’m concerned Militia stuff should be done as inexpencivly as possible, I would like to try to keep the price arround $10 us if another batch is made up. International stuff might cost a little more shipping sucks to places like NZ and Austrailia and the shirt to NZ didnt even make it there last time.

#4) I’m a busy college student and have lots to do like this ethics paper on Kant’s groundwork of Metephysics that I am currently putting off. This means that it will take time to get arround to making shirts.

#5) ??

#6) When stuff is all up and ready for sale I will let people know.


One thing I would love would be a larger MM decal to put on a car window or something. That would be awesome. If anyone knows how to get these made cheap, that would be cool, if not I’ll try to look into it.


I’ve been out of stickers for awhile now. I was going to have some more made up, but if someone else wants to do it… go ahead. I had them done at stickerguy.com. The prices are pretty cheap.

cheers… Mojoe

name names…

I’d rather not. Its not going to help at this point and I’m content with the loss. I had fun making the shirts and always get a kick out of seeing them in people’s photos.

There were 4 people that didnt pay up though = $40 short over all. Some were quasi friends that I just let slide after a while. I was spose to trade a patch for a belt that never showed, one I sent to Switz I was told money was on the way never came (havent heard anything since), Something Happend to Tony’s shirt in NZ I think the package got messed up and someone grabbed the shirt from but I re-embursed him for his shirt. And then there was someone else that I just didnt hear anything at all from after sending them out. Lesson learned: Sometimes trusting people online isnt the best idea and purchase better envalopes to put them into.

Hopefully your shirt is still in good form and there are no burned marks on it.


good enough then…i just didnt know your contentment was the case…From what Harper said,it sounds like there may be a few un-intitled members out there and i thought you may be out for blood…

EDIT: no burning of the MUni Militia Shirt ever happend,the burning of the RSU shirt is in production though…(belive me,i wanted to burn’em all!__and havent worn any since 3649)

Sorry about any sour patch kids thrown in the mix back then man. The infomation about what when down was a bit fucked up I still dont really know what happend but whatever the past is the past for a reason. When I start getting sketches down for the Militia shirts #2 I want your opinion as well as a few other Militia riders before it goes public as the official one to be printed


I don’t know if I want to get one any more, well I really want one!! but i don’t want to pay shiping to the uk on it, it will be more than the shirt is worth sorry chex i would get one if i was in the usa i might make a sticker though thanks mojoe.is there anyone who makes them in the uk i have the stuff to print t’s but i think it would be unfair to make my own t or can i chex?

i respect your decision not to name the names
it would however be nice to know incase someone else decides to do a simmilar ‘online trust’ kinda deal

since chex decided not to name names, would the 4 people involved like to take this opportunity to own up and make this right?

(i’m not holding my breath but i thought i’d ask)


making more shirts

Chex, I sent you a couple emails about this. I’d be glad to help out, or just plain make the shirts myself for sales here in the U.S.

This is of course, only if you don’t want to go through the hassles yourself.