I want to go tubeless on my QX 26, but...

I already had my 36er tubeless - and it was only possible thanks to the really wonderful people in this forum who assisted me in getting it done through numerous difficulties.

Now I am facing my next challenge - turn my QX 26" wheel into tubeless.
But there is a problem; unlike in my 36er rim where I had to cope with only taping the rim over the spokes holes, now I have welded point along the rim’s width and multiple small holes closer to the rim’s edges where the tire beads sit.

Here is the rim’s picture:

I’d appreciate if you could suggest how to place the rim tape and if it is possible at all to seal this rim and turn it into tubeless.

Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

Get some Gorilla Tape and tape it inside your rim. That’s what we use where I work. We’ve set over a hundred tubeless tires. You might have to go aroud the rim twice to cover all the holes but it will do the job.

What difference is there between gorilla tape and packing tape?

Gorilla tape is just like the Duck Tape used to be. It’s thick, really sticky and it will resist to higher pressure than packing tape. The Gorilla tape makes tge tire tighter on the rim also, so less chance of poping and easier to set the first time.

That’s nice to know, I’ve been wondering.

stans sealant is ment to seal 1/4in holes so it says. Also stans tubeless rim tape is sticky light and thin if other tape is a problem when it comes to trying to bead your chosen tyre. Some are harder than others…

Try anything, go tubeless! best of luck