i want to do my A2 physics coursework about the physics of a unicycle...

i am doing my A2 physics coursework and i would really like to write it about something that interests me, (that means nothing to do with normal physics topics). Do you have any knowledge that might help me write a report about the physics to do with a unicycle? Maybe things like the effects that different sizes, weights, heights, tyres and positions have. Or something even better that i haven’t thought of! People in my college call me ‘Circus Freak’ so i think i ought to live up to my name! If you know any physics about other circus things that might help me it would be really good too. Thanx.

I don’t know what level “A2” is at, so don’t know if unicycling is a little complicated, or a little too simple for your purpose. I’ll assume too complicated, because it generally is. There are plenty of other circus acts that make interesting use of physics. How about the Wheel of Death (or variations)? Or Russian Swing, teterboard, etc? Each of those has less range of motion (generally rotating on a fixed axis), so they might be easier to report on.