I want to buy your used saddle parts, (Bases, covers, bumpers, foam)

I want to buy your used seat seat parts for cheap. Make me offers. Im looking for bases, covers, bumpers, foam.

evan, I have a old fusion cover (black), and a plastic base (stiffner broken)…and cut down foam…I dont know if you want to ship it all that way but go ahead…I am not paying for shipping though


How much including shipping?

you name it, i dont really care, but its been through good use…and I just dont want to have to pay shipping to the U.S…cuz I am low on cash after upgrading my uni recently

Take a guess at shipping and say 10 bucks for the stuff

are u in california? where are u? I can just see if I can get the pricing but its going to cost quite a bit. i also have a bumper and a handle aswell…and do u want the bolts aswell …or can I keep them?

The bumper would be cool, dont need the handle or bolts.

i am guessing ur in california then…and I will send all the parts except for the handle and the bolts. i am going to pm you with details. if you can give me the estimated weight (i dont have a scale), and the dimensions of the box and where you are then I can get a fixed rate for how much shipping is going to cost

ojai, california.

Almost, A tad left of the milky way.

Still looking for parts.

I have an old LX seat you can have…but its crap.

Whats crap about it? Does it have foam and a cover?

yeahhh, no bumper or handle though.

Fine with me, 5 bucks?

just pay shipping and its yours, I don’t need 5$

Swweet, Where you live?

Missoula Montana

I have a DX seat cover.

Pay shipping and it’s yours.

i have an old schwinn seat that you can have. dont know where it is though. hehehe