I want to buy a second hand unicycle (Australia)

I am looking to buy a unicycle
pretty cheap, something to learn on
I would prefer a 24" if possible as I plan to end up on a 28"
I am in Australia, Melbourne

please post reply or email me at stavrosthe33rd@yahoo.com

You’re probably going to have a hard time buying a second hand unicycle in Australia. I know I couldn’t get one second hand when I wanted my first one.

One option is to buy one of the 24" unis on this page (the website is under construction and I couldn’t find the link to the updated site) - http://unicycles.com.au/parts/162024std.html


i am also a unicyclist in melbourne.

Have you tried juggleart in collingwood?
They will sell you a new, high-quality 24" unicycle for under $200 australian dollars.

good luck

there is also a guy on www.unicyclevictoria.com who is selling 24’s for $120, but i dont know how good they are.