I want to buy a new Unicycle

I want to buy a new unicycle, and i’ve decided that I want a 24" wheel…But i don’t know what Model…I have about 140$ to spend. What model should I get?

Get a torker DX off ebay for 150…done!

look on ebay and see if you can find a “torker dx 24”, they should have them for about 140. if they dont have one this http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=675 would be a vary good choice.

does it have to be a torker? i have a 20" torker right now…and i want something thats a good cross between commuting and just trick riding, but more on the side of trick riding

if you want to splooge you could get a kh 24.

look at bedford website www.bedfordunicycles.ca

ok…the bedford unicycles are a bit out of my price range

Can you afford $184?

If so then how about a Nimbus-


If they’re the same spec as the UK Nimbus then it’s a great uni with proper bearing holders and a frame that will take a 3" muni tyre.

All my unis are Nimbii, I recomend them highly.

i do belive i am going to purchase an LX the’re like 100 on ebay shipping included

I have a torker LX. It is a pretty good unicycle, but if you can, I would go with the torker DX. It’s worth the money, and it is quite a bit stronger then the LX.

i already ordered it…and it looks like the DX is more for muning, and i’m not into that…yet…and hey, it’s only money…i’ll probaby get one eventually

I agree completely with One Wheeled Dave–I have a nimbus muni (26 inch) and the poor thing has taken more abuse than I care to think about–needless to say, it’s still rock solid!
Advantage of Nimbus over Torker LX–you can get a fatter tire if you decide to do so–the Torkers, (and I know that the LX and DX models are truly excellent) have less space in their frames for a nice fat 3 inch tire–an option you might want to consider if the off-road bug starts bugging you…
In fact, I know what my next Uni will be–that nimbus quoted by Dave–it has a hookworm AND 48 spokes-…and a nice blue (or red) rim…groovy!

those prices are in candian you did know that right? :thinking:

i no u already ordered it but i would have gone with the dx because it has a better setup that will last longer than the lx will

but the lx is still a very good entry freestyle uni for the price

well, i got my 20" cx that i can abuse by going off big drops so i think it’ll work good

Uni juggler is right, it is a much better and stronger setup. It is good that is more for muni it just makes it that much stronger, I thnink you should have went with the DX.