I want to buy a good trials uni

I need to buy a good trials uni. i dont wnt to spend any more that £175 good old english sterling on it.

any ideas i was thinking of a Qu-ax Splined Trials Unicycle http://www.unicycle.uk.com/shop/shopdisplayproduct.asp?catalogid=646

what you think??

That’s what I have, except mine is 24". I’m really happy with it. I’d say go for it.

thats probably good. I got a torker dx first adn it is pretty good and costs a little less. My uni now costs a lot more because really good trials unis cost around 330 i think but the cheeper ones are probably good.

That one is excellent for trials riding, nice and strong and not too heavy. The seat is a little thick for seat in front jumping, but it is managable. If you wanted you could buy a thinner one or modify it yourself, but as it is it works nicely.

If you buy it, let me know what you think - I’m considering getting that as my next rig.

I have the 24" version and I am very happy with it. as far as I know, most people like the trials version too.

The QuAx has a weak rim which is prone to flat spots.

i have a friend who is 190 pounds and does a ton of trials 4-5 foot drops all day long. rim is perfect. the wheel can take quite i bit of abuse.

don’t not buy a quax because of the wheel.

I think forrest rides and is sponsered by Qu-Ax.

He’s insanely good…

How about a Nimbus Hoppley?
I believe they’re about the same price.

I have to say, having one myself, that it is a great unicycle. It is light, incredibly strong, and …well…a sexy beast.

cheers people. i think ill get this 1:P cheers all for your help:D

good trials uni

Get a Torker DX '05 from www.bicyclesource.us they have them for 200 bucks
Ops, never mind. I don’t think they ship to the UK.

The Qu-Ax unicycle is a pretty good choice, its extremely strong, only thing I ever broke on my Qu-Ax was a saddle, and they all have the same Velo plastic seatbase. Good uni for the price.

So does Koxx, the new Qu-Ax rim is a very good and wide rim, most probably you’ll get the new rim if you order it. I’m not saying the old rim is bad, I’ve done 2 meter drops on it, screwed up my ankles, and the dear old Qu-Ax was doing just fine.