I want to buy a BC wheel.

So I have some extra $$ on hand and I would like a BC wheel. I saw the anouncement about Bedford’s Halloween sale and there are some pretty big discounts.

The thing that excites me most about the BC wheel is just coasting pretty fast. However I would also like one that I won’t have to worry about damaging if I wanted to try jumping and such.

Any reccomendations? My current thoughts are leaning towards the Bedford Trials BC for $205.

Thanks for any help.


Build one yourself, you can costomize it and use bedford plates, i recomend 24" and 26"s, they run better for going fast, also can handle terain better.

i recomend the odyssey hazard front hub.

Let’s say my time is currently more valuable to me than money (to an extent) and I would prefer to have a professionally built product with a dealer who can back the product…then let’s answer my above question(s).

20"s are good for one thing…hopping. If you want to cost fast…a 26" would suit you much better, your tuck for hopping only varys aobut 3" from a 20" to a 26" so unless your trying to get that last inch into your massive hop…you dont need a trials bc. Im not trying to get you to not buy from darren, his plates are great, but 20" bcs arnt the best if you ask me.

just e-mail daren and ask him to custom make u a 26" he might if u ask nicely

The Bedford bc’s are supposed to be really good. I wouldn’t reccomend the nimbus bc, it needs to be reconsidered an altered. It’s not very good for jumping, as the footplates bend. I’d say either build one though. But if you don’t have time for that, then just get one, but make sure that the foot plates are strong if you are going to be jumping on it.

Darrens plates are really really strong.

then I’ll probably get one from him when I actually get mine, if I don’t build it, that is.

Hold on a minute folks! could somebody explain why you are recomending against 20" bc’s? I got one from bedford last winter, and it seams to me like the best thing since sliced bread… As for 20" ‘only’ being good for hopping, but givver ones being good for coasting, what is so great about coasting that is so much better than hopping? Personally, I think a discussion that only includes coasting and hopping is a bit limited.

As for building your own bc, I tried to myself and realized that it wasn’t nearly as easy as I had thought, and when I tried to get the parts I figued I needed for it, it turned out that I would be spending as much as getting one professionally made from daren. Clearly there are others out there with more wheel building experience than me. Given the fact that BC’s are by nature dangerous (the only unicycle besides the one-and-a-half wheelers that I consider dangerous) -despite the fact that I have rapidly lost my fear of them- it seems prudent to get one that’s built properly, espetially if it is your first time on one. It would kinda suck if you hurt yourself in a upd caused by the wheel behaving funny.

back to the diameter question, what different kinds of things can you do with different diameters and why? how many types of bc are there out there anyway?

it really is a matter of personal preference. you’ve got to try as many as you can and see what you like. it differs from person to person. You’ve got to respect the fact that others are different. You aren’t the standard.

Living where I do, I highly doubt I will get a chance to try any BC wheel before I buy. What I would like to do with my wheel: Coasting looks amazing! I want to do a lot of that at potentially high speeds. But I also want to (eventually) be able to jump up and down curbs and possibly things twice as tall as curbs. And in general, I am always willing to pay extra for peace of mind (durability). All this considered, what does everyone suggest?

I can tell you, a Big wheel WILL run better at high speeds, in my experince smaller wheels are squrily at high speeds, its rather easy to try and turn and it shoot out from under you. Atleast thats my experince.