i want to build a recumbent unicycle...

…but i have absolutely no idea how to begin doing so. so my question is; has anyone on here ever built one, if so how did you go about it? i have an old bmx bike frame that i can weld and cut to fit my desires, i just need to know what to add/take away in order to make a functioning recumbent uni. i searched but couldn’t find any real help. so any tips would be greatly appreciated. thanks a lot

Theres a video of one on youtube, but i forgot the name of it… :angry:

Might help to search on YouTube for “recumbent unicycle” :stuck_out_tongue:

A good recumbent has a seat you can lean back on. The one in the video looks a little precarious, but maybe just because the guy was new at riding it. However it looks like the seat is about to pop out from under him, which is why he’s riding so carefully. How about something like this?

Needed design improvement on his is a chain guard. Looks like chain stays on the bottom and seat stays up the back, though I don’t remember if it was more modified than a road bike frame or not. It was fun trying it out! Comfortable, but I don’t think it would be practical as a replacement for a Coker or something. I wouldn’t want to ride it real fast.

does this one even have a tire on it?

That’s a pretty good half-bike/recumbent there. :smiley: :smiley: