I want to build a >8ft giraffe, any tips and/or photos

I am working on plans to make a very tall giraffe (8ft at least) and I was wondering if anyone had advice or high quality pictures of theirs. I am thinking that if anyone had detailed pics of some of Tom Miller’s stuff, that would be great. Also, before you ask, it will be chain driven (hopefully, two chains) not by consecutive wheels, and I am working on it with my friend who had a mini-metal shop.


A friend of mine has built a 26" giraffe, a 4 ft giraffe, a motorised bike and skateboard and some other stuff and he is very good with this stuff. When he tells me about his latest designs I don’t understand what he’s talking about!

I should be able to ask him if he could help you or you could ask him yourself, I think he would be glad to help. His forum name is mrUNIversal but I’m not sure he goes on regularly so I mite email him. Check out his homeade 26" giraffe its on the forum.

I’ll get back to you soon


Thanks, it would be great if you could contact him, and I’ll check out his 26" giraffe.

I couldn’t find the thread, any help?


Just told him and he said his internet is slow and stuff :o

hey buddy,adam here havent been on the forums much lately sorta phased out of riding wanna get back into it again ill be building another giraffe sometime soon i cut a bike up and use metal from that i made an 8fter out of normal bike tubing but started to bend was 26 inch wheeled if u use heavier stuff or can reinforce it might help i made my own forks and everything in my opinion u dont need fancy mills and tools and stuff all i have access to is an angle grinder and an arc welder and basic tools like drill press and stuff i guess i cud take pictures of some of my fraes and stuff or check out my youtube channel adam900x orrr if u log onto motoredbikes.com and search custom cruiser and look thru the albums…

my msn is red_demons11@hotmail.com if u need any help or just general jibba jabba

yeah, it would be great if you could post some pictures because I couldn’t find any vids/pics of your 26" giraffe on youtube or motoredbikes.com


29-05-09_1420 (Small).jpg