I want some footage of Aussie riders!!!

I wanna make a video of australian riders itll only be really short but to point. mainly cause itll be good thats why. so got some footage your not using? pm me i want it. short clips would be sufficient good stacks aswell if ya got em thanks fellas!!!

I want in :frowning:

Insted of this, lets just bug Matty to make the uninats vid :wink:

spose i could make a southern hemispherian video… but the song will still be ‘Bronze for straya’.

hey, i’m happy to give some footage. how would i send it to ya? just by email?

Hey I mite be able to chuck in full length ledge grind, bit of stacks and a rolling wrap. I must brag but I think I’m the only one to rolling wrap in Australia :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t think anyone does flatland at all in Aussie though and I haven’t landed one yet but I’m so close >.<

My electronic mail is ‘joe_king36@hotmail.com’ send it there.