I Want Good Trials Cranks

i want a pair of trials cranks that won’t start to loosen or bend after a few months of use. i just bought a pair of montys thinking they were my solution but they really suck for my united trials cycle. they loosen up within minutes. do i have to spend the enormous amount of money on a pair of profiles? or is there a way to save my montys and my money.
do the ideal trials cranks exist?
by the way. if anybody is in direct contact with unicycle.com they should tell them to be on the lookout for a pair such as described. under one hundred dollars, stong, and compatible.

Soon you’ll be able to get Onza and Norco (KH) Cranksets for cheap and throw away the non splined hub and cranks of the past.

Hopefully that day will be soon…


even if you did find a set of unbreakable cranks, you’d still need an unbreakable hub.
since the taper and bolt that cotterless cranks like yours have are one of their main weak points, profile/onza/norco/dmvortex cranks/hubs use a diferent method of atatchment.
unfortunatly you will need to shell out some cash for a decent trials crank/hub set but fortunatly like cherkernuts says you don’t have to spend the earth on a profile, because onza and norco parts should be available at some point soon.