I want an Onza, but uni.com is out...alternatives?

So Financial Aid is awesome, and it looks like I’ll finally be able to afford a decent Trials Uni. I think i’ve pretty much decided on the Onza trials, but Unicyclist.com is “out of stock till middle of september”. Are there any other good places to get one? Do i just wait? (soo…anxious…neeed…trials…rargh!!)

And when is the KH trials gonna be in stock? Fall? AHH TOO VAGUE!!!

Someone help me!

I’d say just wait for it. Its well worth the wait.

Other people will probably tell you to get the qu-ax, but the onza is better, imo.

hey, wait for it, or order at municycle.com


You can buy Gerblefranklins frame for like a dollar and buy a KH wheelset if you’re desperate. Shipping from Germany would be a lot. So either wait a few weeks or pay a lot of money.

“Shipping from Germany would be a lot”

Onza’s come from the UK, so not that much more.

Thanks for the input. Yeah i figured I would just be waiting a little while. Gives my ankle time to heal anyways.

Hypothetically speaking though, what if I went for a Yuni instead? I know it’s a lot more expensive, but is it worth it? That profile hub sure looks tasty. I probably wont be doing any drops higher than 4 or 5 feet.

Has anyone been to www.dirtuni.com ? It’s all custom Muni stuff. I think i went to school with Eugene back in Flagstaff, AZ. Check them out if you get a chance.

One more thing, I’ve seen the Onza pictured on other sites with the Kris Holm saddle. Is the saddle pictured here really what comes with it right now?

On dirtuni.com, they don’t know how to spell Kris Holm :roll_eyes:

Don’t forget that Darren Bedford also carries trials unicycles. He’s probably got some KH trials unis in stock. No waiting.

Is that what the Bedford 20" Monty Trials uni is?

No, the Bedford 20" monty trials is completely different. Call or e-mail him to ask about KH unis.

I say you should get the Yuni with a profile hub. The onza hubs suck, and if you ever break anything it’s impossible to find parts in America. The crown on the frame is huge, too. BTW, I have the old version of the Onza, not the new one, although the new one isn’t that much better.

On the other hand, a profile hub is rock solid. Yesterday I did a 5 or 6’ drop to flat twice on my muni with a profiles, and not only did the thing not even creak, it didn’t have an iota of play develop. The Yuni frame has a slightly smaller crown than the Onza, and it’s about the same weight. The entire uni will be a bit heavier than the Onza, but not enough to worry about. The only cvon to the Yuni with profiles is that it’ll have a 22.2mm seatpost, but that may not be a problem for you, it isn’t for me.

In answer to your question about the Onzas with the KH seat knockoffs, that’s what you’ll be getting. The ones with the crappy saddsles are the old versions.

it comes with a black grey and yellow KH, i like the onza more then the kh i would say wait for it to get in stock