I want a UNI

I haven’t heard of the Cycle Pro UNI. I bet is another name for the Taiwanese
unicycles that sell at that price range.

It could be a good buy for entry level at that price. Make sure that it has the
seat you like (in America we prefer wider in the back than in the front). Also
look at the cranks. The best are cotterless but at that price I am sure they
will not be. But they should not look too cheap.

If you are serious about unicycling do buy a better one.

By your name, you probably speak Spanish. We just started a Spanish language
(IUF sanctioned) newsletter called Uniciclismo Internacional. The second edition
will be out in about a month. It is coming out of Puerto Rico. If you do speak
Spanish, are indeed interested in unicycling, and do send me by E-Mail your
snail-mail address, I will send you a complimentary copy of both editions.

Alberto Ruiz Ruizb@aol.com