I want a tight wire, NYC, USA

Anyone got a winch-turnbuckle-tight wire set up?

I just saw Man on Wire and got inspired. I had tried tight wire walking for a week many years ago and made little progress, but I’d like to try again.

sorry I don’t have anything to sell but have you thought about getting a slackline instead? Much easier to find a place to set it up and loads of fun.

Agreed. I bought a set very recently and it is GREAT FUN. I set it up in the office but no one wants to try though :frowning:

Just out of curiosity, what have you attached it to in the office?

Sorry for thread jacking here Billy, hope you find what your looking for.

Man on Wire is waiting for me in my PO box as we speak. Looking forward to it.

I remember a french wire walker many years ago at a Renn Fair named “Flip” Phillipe. I always wondered if it’s the same guy.

I used to walk a slack-line many years ago too, but it was actually slack. Not like the tight ropes they set-up now and call “Slack-line”

some internet friends at Moab:

Nice photo’s Bondo.

Hey Bondo, is that Andy Lewis in the second picture?

Do you happen to know Mike Payton?

Slacklining is so fun… Its like a 1" wide trampoline. I go do it almost every day when its nice out at the beach!

i know where you can get a white tyre

haha i thought this thread said white tire