I want a new one!!!

Perhaps also look into why you’re so focused on speed?

For example, a bicycle will be faster than either a 29-er or a 36-er :slight_smile:

But you’re right about a good route being an incentive for a 36-er- I reckon if I lived in a place with nice long, emptyish paths/roads, I’d be pretty tempted to invest in a 36-er myself.

Ok so today I’m going to ride into work on my 20" and see how that goes… Hopefully it will make me appreciate any difference in wheel size :stuck_out_tongue:

I did my 2.5 mi commute on my 20 for over a year. My personal best is ~27 min and I can’t pedal very fast. Soon after learning on my first attempt of my commute I did it in 1 hr 7 min.

Usually I give myself a hour and do urban Muni along the way :roll_eyes:

Well I did todays commute in 33 mins and I’m sure I can save some time.off that. 27 mins sounds reasonable.

I’m really edging towards the nimbus 29"

This is a good choice as long as you’re not riding with someone on a 36" wheel. They’ll be waiting for you…always.

If you eventually end up with a 36", you can turn a Nimbus 29" into a muni – especially if you get a Drak since it has enough clearance for a big tire.

Just wanted to put my 2 cents into this thread. I ride a 36" whenever I do road riding. I did a 20+ mile road trip with a buddy who rode a 29". He was super comfortable with it and had rode many long rides with it, much longer than I’ve done on my 36". We traded off for a little bit on the ride so he could try out the big wheel. He had a little trouble mounting, but otherwise liked it a lot. He bought a big wheel soon after and eventually gave away the 29". I liked the 29" fine but it still feels like a regular unicycle. The big wheel is another beast entirely.

A long bike path (multi-use asphalt or greenway) is where the 36er really excels. If you live close to a bike path, get a 36er. Once you are up on it (sans mounting woes) and get it rolling, a 36er pretty much rides itself. I agree with Harper that the OP is young. I’m glad I took up the big wheel before I got too old. I’m sure I will go smaller with age and hand them down to the kids.

True. My wife rides a b*ke and she passes me downhill but I catch her going back up. It evens out with distance.

I started on a 20, then got a 29 for my 3 mile commute and to start muni. After a while I added a 36 to my collection. I will never, ever commute on the 29 again. It was OK for it, but the 36 is waaay better, both for speed and comfort. I also like the increased visibility in traffic on the 36, both to see and be seen. However, it did take me most of a year to get really comfortable with freemounts on the 36 (but Harper is probably right about you being young and able to learn faster). The 29 is also more versatile (why I originally got it). No regrets for me, my 29er is now my muni and I love it for that, and the 36 is for commuting and cross-country/mixed surface rides.

If you’re only interested in commuting, I recommend the 36. But if you are interested in muni, then get the 29 now - AND buy a 36 when you can.

Alright so in a totally different direction what would this be like to commute on?


In 26" or 24".


  • Will I be fast/ stable enough to ride on the road instead of the path?
  • I’ve quite enjoyed the effort it took me to get to work so will it still give me a good workout?
  • How easy is municycling on this compared to a freestyle? Muni looks really exciting but not sure how difficult it is…

The 26 will be similar to a 29 in regards to speed. Stability shouldn’t be a problem, it will be similar to your 20. If you got dual hole cranks (150/125) you could set it up on the 125mm crank length and move along pretty good on the road, faster than jogging speed.

The workout is always there on a unicycle. If it gets too easy you can always make it harder by adding hills or going a longer way.

Off road riding is as hard as you want to make it, you start on a dirt path and take it from there.

There are a bunch of tire options for the 26" size which is nice. You could have a tire for road riding and a tire for Muni. If you spend a lot of time on the road, which it sounds like you will, a road tire will make it a much nicer ride.

Its a nice uni
But a 24" youll not get much more pace
Or you’ll still have to pedal uncomfortably quick

A 26 is better still

But as the wheel size increases you’ll find a place where your going at a reasonable speed with a reasonable pedal speed. For me on my commute I find 26" too small a wheel
You may be very comfortable with it

As far as how hard is muni

Don’t build your impression of off road unicycling by watching videos of Kris holm balancing on the edge of 1000’ drops, or uni geezer going down these crazy rocky paths. Get out and do some

Start easy on bridle paths walking trail. Ride on some gravel and packed dirt. It doesn’t have to be extreme or dangerous to be fun

From reading your original post I think you’ll love the nimbus 29
I don’t have a 36 (yet). More a space issue than anything else. So I can’t comment on these
But a 29 is fun off road and usable on road

Ok so I’m still thinking. I’m kinda settling on the idea of 26". Big enough to make my ride to work faster whilst still good for light muni hopefully (I haven’t dont any muni before yet).

Here’s 2 unis from UDC. The white is £100 but I’m not sure if it would stand up to muni. The black is £250 tho which is more expensive…



The frame on the black one looks like the nimbus Muni, the same i have. I’d say that this one is a Muni frame. Can’t say anything about the white one, have to take a look at their website.



I had a 26 guni wheel in my 29 frame for a while. The 26 is definitely slower and less comfortable than the 29.
For me at least, 29 is minimal size for any non-technical riding.
Also, there is no reason not to start muni on a 29; for the easier trails you’ll start on, a 29 is more fun and can actually be easier because the larger wheel radius smoothes out the bumps.

Certainly you mistyped that. You must have meant to type 36".

Another reason why a 36er, or at least a 29er, would be good for you:
You can emphasize to your boyfriend that your wheel is bigger than his! :slight_smile:
Also, casual rides with a bicyclist are a possibility with a 36, but not really for any smaller uni.

Lol. I don’t think a 36 is right atm for storage reasons and i think i’d adjust better to something smaller? Like a stepping stone until i have the money to buy the best 36er ever? :stuck_out_tongue:

You will be able to adjust more quickly to a smaller wheel than going straight to a 36. However, when I went from 20 to 29 for commuting, it made less difference than I had hoped. Going from 29 to 36 actually made commuting a reasonable prospect for me. When I first got my 36, I felt like I had wasted my money on the 29. But then I got into muni with the 29, and I’m now very pleased to have both.

36 would be best for your commute, no question about it. And that includes the lowest level cheapest 36. But it would take a pretty high level of commitment and work to get comfortable on it, and there is the storage issue. A 29 will take minimially more effort to get used to than the 26, would be significantly better for commuting than anything smaller, and doesn’t really take any more storage room than a 26.

It seems like your first instinct was a 29, and first instincts are also worth paying attention to.

I am going to get a 29 due to the storage space it will take VS a 36