I want a new one!!!

Ok so I’ve currently got a 20" Nimbus which I love but I want to ride to work and the 2 1/2 miles takes too long on such a small wheel! I want to get a 36" eventually but only have a budget of about £200 and you can’t get very much for that.

So… Do I get a bare basics 36", a 29" or even 26?
Advice please…don’t have much experience in the larger wheel sizes!

Here is a few questions to ask your self
Do you have a place to store a large wheel at work and home?
Lots of stop and go stuff?
How fast could you go?

There is a big price jump from a 29" and a 36". The 29" would give you a much higher top speed than your 20", but it is easy to learn. I find the 36" to be another step up in cost and difficulty.

I would suggest a 29", which is a reasonable commuter. You will probably end up with a 36" eventually if you want to ride more distance, but a 29" is a very useful size.


I would go with a 29er first. Im agreeing with the rest of the guys. 36ers are hard to learn and 29ers are a great mix of speed and maneuverability.

+1 for the 29er, since you have a low budget, and 2,5 miles is not that far.

A 29er is already a big improvement over a 20", and you will be happy with it a long time.

In the mean time save the money for the 36er you want most, you will buy it only once (I guess).

Ok so my partner said I can get one of these… yay!!!

I’m going for 29" as it’s not too big/expensive but big enough that 2.5 miles should be quite easy right?

So I’m looking at these ones on unicycle.uk.com:

  1. 29" Nimbus Road Unicycle: http://www.unicycle.uk.com/unicycles/road-24-36/nimbus29blackisis.html

Price: £245.00. This one is cool black and I like nimbus as I currently have a nimbus unicycle and it has served me well. I DONT like the fact that the frame is rounded…

  1. 29" Qu-Ax ‘Crossfire’ Unicycle: http://www.unicycle.uk.com/29-qu-ax-cross-country-unicycle-3.html

Price: £194.00. I like the fact that this one has a squared frame and says it can stand up to a bit of light offroad usage should I wish to use it that way in future. Does the fire on the sides look lame? One downside is that this unicycle is 1.1kg heavier than the nimbus at 7kg.


The Qu-ax is pretty cool. You can always take off the stickers as they do look quite lame…
Why don’t you like the rounded? I have the Nimbi Drak and it has the rounded. You don’t hit your knees on it and the only thing I see a square frame good for is frame tricks which I doubt you would be doing on a 29er :roll_eyes:
The price difference is significant. Do you know if either of them are double walled rims? Also the saddle. Have you tried a Qu-ax saddle? Or the Nimbus gel? That could be a factor to pay attention to.

EDIT: I just looked at the road nimbi. It has the dominator rim which is probably the best rim Nimbus has to offer. And the road is ISIS. The quax comes with 145 cranks and the road comes with 125. 125s are going to be better for street riding. Also the rimdescripton on the quax seemed a bit vague. I’d probably go with the Nimbus if I were you. It will last as you’ve said your Nimbus has been good to you

Either of the 29" unicycles look fine. You will want a road tire if you are on pavement.

I was surprised to find the UDC 36" for only a little bit more.


There is a $100 difference between the two unicycles at the US UDC store.

Look at your age and then look at the ages of the people recommending a 29er. You’re young. It’s easy to learn to ride a 36" unicycle. People on 36" unicycles always wait for people on 29" unicycles. There is a dramatic difference in speed between the two sizes. Don’t hold back. Go for it.

If what you really want is a 36, get a 36. The amount of money between the 29 or the 36 isn’t that large. If you picked up a 29, it’s going to be harder to justify a 36 down the road, then you will be forever sad :frowning:

Get the 29’’, maintain it, keep it nice, then sell it when you want a 36’’. Makes sense.

36’‘s are kinda awkward and yeah a bit more pricey, what if you don’t like it? Chances are you’re going to love the 29’’ because you’ll be comparing it to the speed of the 20’’.

Listen to me, I’m a street rider. We know best. (I’ve never ridden either of these sizes for more then a few revolutions lolz) Actually I think the only time I’ve ever tried a 36’’ was when I was testing out someones shlumpf.

If all you ever want to do is ride to work, then get the 29". Especially if there is any traffic. Easier to mount etc. Specifically the Qu-Ax because you like the look more, it’s cheaper, and will probably last just as long.

But you should actually just get the 36", because you know you want too. You won’t be able to justify buying one later after you by a 29". The UDC or the Qu-Ax don’t seem to cost too much more.




hahaha… I will get both eventually regardless of which I get first :-P. Once Me and my partner have bought a house with a garage (Still a year or so off yet sigh) he said I can buy as many as I like (In return he can spend as much as he likes on two wheeled bikes!). So I’ll eventually have an entire collection in my garage stares dreamily off into the distance…

Anyways… If I were to get the 36" the only one I can afford is the UDC road unicycle here: http://www.unicycle.uk.com/unicycles/road-24-36/36-udc-unicycle.html

Is this a reliable choice if I were to go this way?

Reading all the previous posts i’d too recommend the 29".
The Nimbus looks strong enough to do some light Muni or XC (the big apple tire is wide), you won’t need the square shoulders and you definitely won’t miss the 1.1 kg.
And, if you have the money, get a schlumpf hub.



P.S.: Maybe the QX would be what you want, but that’s out of stock right now on the uk-site of UDC.

I’m 45, and I recommend a 29-er.

It’ll be way, way faster than a 20", relatively easy to learn, and, won’t have the freemounting issues that, for some, persist for months with 36-ers.]

Additionally it’ll be easy to store, and, if the final destination is either shops or college, will be practical to take inside and carry round.

It’ll also be safer in the event of UPDs.

Given the journey is 2.5 miles, I’d also recommend even smaller wheels- most of my riding is on a 24x3, which easily covers such distances and is even easier to carry/store than a 29-er.

OK so now I’m really confused as to what’s best to choose…

How fast is average sort of speed on a 29"?

Personally, I’ve never found actual speed to be that meaningful.

I have ridden with a speedo/distance measurer on both my 24x3 and the 29-er, but never found it that useful.

Basically, a 36-er (which I don’t own) is going to be fastest, probably the only ungeared uni on which you’re going to be occasionally hitting bike speeds.

A 29-er with 125s will be OK for riding with bikes if they’re not focused on going particulalrly fast. It’ll be the next fastest practical unicycle to a 36-er, but will have the advantages of being compact enough to carry into buildings etc.

A 29-er with 150’s will, technically be slower, but, on rides involving steep hills, rough terrain or lots of traffic lights, can actually work out faster on shorter trips, due to the extra control of the longer cranks.

(That’s another factor with 36-ers- if you can’t idle the thing, or have problems free mounting, than any ride involving frequent stops at lights or dismounts/mounts, could well take longer than on a smaller wheel that you can control easily and freemount at will. My feelings are that it’s long distance riding on long empty roads where the 36-er can excell in terms of speed- that does not necessarily hold on shorter town journeys).

A 24x3 with 150 cranks, which is the unicycle I ride far more than any other, is clearly not going to go as fast as a 36-er or 29-er, but, for trips into town of around an hour, i find it absolutely ideal.

Unlike the 29-er, i can happily, after a lay of of several weeks, jump on the thing and feel totally in control.

If i want to push the speed to maximum and really spin, I’m a lot happier doing it on the 24x3 than on a bigger wheel, cos of the extra control, and, in the event of a UPD at max speed, the lesser consequences.

I like the fact that it’s easy to carry into buildings so I don’t need to lug a bike lock around.

I’m not suggesting that the OP gets a 24x3, just addressing the common misconception that for doing a bit of distance or commuting, that the only options are 36-ers and 29-ers: the humble 24x3 does have it’s own little advantages, and I’ve spent many happy years riding mine outside of it’s intended muni purpose.

I’ve been regularly commuting 5kms on a 29er since I got it about a year ago. No traffic lights, undulating sealed bike path. It takes me about 25 mins.

Speed on a unicycle is all about cadence. My cadence has never been high on a bike and I struggle to go fast on a unicycle for the same reason. While I can hold 15km/hr on my 29er now, it took a while to feel comfortable doing so for more than a few metres. 15km/hr equates to a cadence of 108rpm. On a 36er, 15km/hr can be had at a more comfortable 87rpm.

I got a 36er on Monday and so far I’ve found it much more comfortable riding at the same speed as I had ridden the 29er. Even if I have no plan to gain confidence at higher speeds, I’d still say its the superior wheel due to being able to ride at a comfortable cadence.

So, can you spin fast? Can you maintain control spinning fast? If the answer is yes, then you’ll be more than happy with a smaller wheel. Otherwise, just get the biggest you can and enjoy!

Ok so my route includes 4 traffic lights so for freemounting purposes the 29" sounds easier.

Considering that I can get a better 29" for the money I can spend would I be better to start with that and build my way more slowly to higher speeds?

By the end of this year if not hopefully before I’ll be moving and my journey will become 5.5 miles on a bike path so maybe I could enjoy the 29" and use the longer route as an excuse to invest in a decent 36" :smiley: