I want a MUni!

I am in desperate need of a MUni. Riding my 20-inch around town is fun, but I want to go on rougher terrain without worrying about breaking it.
On unicycle.com they have a few MUni’s designed by Kris Holm. I assume these ones are fairly good, because- well, they were designed by Kris Holm. The largest one they have by him are 24-inch, and I kind of want a 26-inch. I’m just fairly tall, and my legs are weak, so that’s why I want a bigger one.
Also, I’m poor so I don’t want one for more than about $500-$600.
What do you suggest?

I just got my muni fully assembled today, and it is AWESOME! I love that fat tire! It is fat AND phat. Its a gazz, and it is so bouncy, now I know why everyone was raving about them so much. I tacoed my old wheel, and I’ll probably never be able to taco this one, because the rim is a whole lot stronger, and the fat, bouncy tire absorbs plenty of shock.

I recommend you get a 24" muni if you say your legs are weak, because it is to my understanding that it is harder to go up hills with a larger wheel, the crank size also plays a factor in this though.

Indeed it does, you can read Mikefule’s simple explanation on crank to diameter ratios from this thread:



I’ve been riding a 24x3 Yuni Muni for a few months now and I am extremely happy with it. It has quality components, relatively light weight and is not very expensive. It came from Unicycle.com and I just ordered a 29’er from them today for road rides.

Welcome to the dark side!!!

I figured that I could go further with a larger wheel. But if it’s easier to go up hill with a 24 inch, then I think I’ll get that.

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For general aggressive muni the 24x3 is the one to get. A 24x3 atctually has a diameter just a little less than a 26" XC mountain bike wheel. It may say 24" but it’s not like any 24" wheel that you’ve ever seen before.

What’s really nice about the 3" tires is that they suck up bumps and roots. With skinny tires you look for ways around roots and rocks on the trail. With the 24x3 you look for ways over and through the roots and rocks. Instead of weaving your way around roots and obstacles you just plow right over them. The 3" tire totally changes the way you ride a trail. Yah, you can still ride rooty and rocky trails on a skinny tire muni, but with a 3" tire you ride the trail in a whole new way.

But that being said, not everyone prefers the 3" tires to the skinnier tires. The 3" tires are heavy, they can take more effort to pedal, and they don’t really like pavement riding. But in the dirt and on the right trail, they are the best.

It’s my opinion that almost everyone doing muni should have a 24x3. It’s the “I can handle anything muni”. After you have the 24x3 then consider a second muni for specialized situations. For example maybe a 29er for the fast and smooth XC style trails with berms in the corners. On a fast smooth XC trail like that a 29er would be a blast.

I have a 26x2.6 MUni , and I think it is great!

It is great for almost everything!

Me and my dad often ride along tracks and then on pavment (on a circular route)…

Yesterday we went to Hamsterly Forest, and did the ‘Black Route’ which is the hardest! I managed loads of it (only pushed through bogs and up very steep hills!).

I’d recomend the 2.6 Gazz to anyone who either cannot afford a road uni and a Muni, or want something that will tackle almost anything! (road and offroad)



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This doesn’t mean that riding on pavement and asphalt is bad for the tire, does it? I wouldn’t think it does, but I’m just checking.

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I have a 24x3 Gazz and do some riding on pavement and asphalt but I don’t like to. In my opinion the 24x3 Gazz handles more comfortably on grass, dirt and gravel. When riding on a cycling path I take every opportunity to ride off to the side in the dirt (or whatever is tthere). The knobby tire grips better under these conditions due to an increased contact of the tire’s rolling surface with the terrain, and this makes for a more solid ride.

I don’t think asphalt and pavement are necessarily bad for the tire, but this type of riding will wear the knobbies down more quickly than off road riding.


I was just wondering if it was bad for it, because I occasionally ride my Unicycle to school. I could keep riding my 20 inch to school and use the MUni for off road.

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You can ride the 24x3 Gazz on asphalt and concrete. I do it all the time, for example when I go on a city ride or urban ride with my muni. The Gazz just handles differently on asphalt than it does on the dirt. The Gazz turns differently on asphalt than dirt. On asphalt you’ll want to make wider and more sweeping turns to avoid scuffing the tire too much. The Gazz will wear faster if you ride on asphalt. I get more than a year of riding on a Gazz before it’s worn down, but I’m careful about how I turn when I’m on asphalt.

I’m in the process of getting a second wheel built up for my muni. I’m going to put a fat slick tire like the Fireball or Hoggy-G on that wheel. That wheel will be my urban and city ride wheel. I’ll swap wheels depending on where I’m going to ride. That will save some wear on the Gazz.

The Gazz should ideally spend the majority of its life in the dirt. If you do a lot of city riding then consider a second wheel with a fat slick tire and swap wheels depending on where you’re riding.

I don’t ride my unicycle to school really often. They give me too much homework and my backpack offsets the center of gravity. :slight_smile:
I just noticed on this page, the MUni I’m planning on getting, there are two choices for tires. What are the advantages of the Nokian Gazzaloddi over the Duro Wildlife Leopard? Because it costs $45 extra dollars. So I don’t know if I should get that too.

I have never riden on a 24x3 Duro Wildlife Leopard so I can’t really comment on how it compares with the Gazz. Hopefully someone who has experience with both tires will chime in.

This was falling to the bottom of the board, so I had to bump it up, as I’m curious on the difference of wheels.

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John, I’m curious: when you build up your “urban wheel”, are you still planning on the whole-hog investment in a Profile setup, or would you consider one of the lesser, cheaper, but still somewhat strong options for off-trail use?

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I’m getting the whole-hog Profile setup for the new wheel. It’s going to be an urban assault wheel and I’m going to be jumping off of things, going down stairs and that sort of thing. I have the Profile hub for it, I just need to find a black Alex rim with machined sidewalls and then get the wheel built.