I want a good one. HELP ME

Devil series do not have undrilled rims.
The street unis orange bud and DH pro do however.

The bud has the same frame as the widow. The orange bud is one of the uni’s I don’t like at all, but I’m a trials rider:

-cromo frame (heavy)
-ridiculous seatclamp that weighs 120grams (WTF?)
-nice feeling street cranks 135s
-awesome rim

The drilled rims should be fine for you unless you are going huge. Ryan A, Shaun J, and many others does some crazy shit on drilled rims. At six months, I wouldn’t bother going out of my way to get a nondrilled rim.

A properly maintained rim is much more important. Have your wheel trued every month or so.

I dont get that, the street unis dont need it cause they come with street cranks and those cant hanle that much as far as drops go…(7ft is what iv been told) but also if you buy the uni from renegade its only 4 bucks to upgrade to the undrilled rim(well worth it IMO)

Amen to that

In my opinion this is all getting way too complicated, and has turned into people bigin’ up their favourite unicycle.

Lets face it, the Nimbus ISIS trials is the best value for money.

The White Widow is just as good, costs more, and looks nicer.

Both unis are good competitors, and it’s up to harley to decide.

True, cause as mentioned above, a pro was having cranks with zero Q-factor, when I prefer having q-factor. Even with the Q-factor, it isnt stopping any of the street and flatland riders. =p

Flip a coin!!

Tails its koxx, heads its nimbus. If it lands on tails and you are somewhat disappointed, then get the nimbus. :slight_smile:

W/ the $ you’ve got I’d definately get the KH - the best production uni for street/trials you can get IMO. (You can always change the looks down the road if you want, and if you start doing crazy stuff like skrobo, you can get 13 guage spokes for the rim.)


so you want the white koxx…i’m not going any deeper than that, but thats funny, i’m just pokin fun though…lol

thats a sick uni. i would ride it … with the street rim.

i went with the koxx in the end. i wonder how long it will take to destroy

Im sure it will hold up fine.