I want a good one. HELP ME

hi ther got my first unicycle 6 months ago on ebay for £20 learnt how to ride it and then proceded to bust it up bad. spent a whole bunch more upgrading the pedals seat and tire so on.

anyway my question is what uni should i get if im going to:
a. ride it very hard (trials, street, muni…)
b. dont want to fork out lots for upgrades
c. have about £250 (500 US$) to spend

would really appreciate advice soon as i plan to get my new uni next month sum time and am scared that my current uni is gonna fall apart beneath me

thanks guys n girls

Hawo Harley and welcome to the forums. Here are your options for unicycles that fair up to what you’re asking.

1) Torker LX and/or DX.
2) 24" Nimbus Muni - ISIS
3) Nimbus and KH unicycles are a good choice, especially if they have the ISIS Hub for either Trials or MUni.
4) Koxx 1 are a good choice too also and the 1st 4 don’t break your budget either.
5) If you want some serious speed (excluding the coker) You might want to consider this little monster.

Hello fellow UK unicyclist,

I did the very same to my learner uni, which I suspect was probably even the same unicycle from ebay. I ended up upgrading the seat, tyre and pedals without realising I should have just bought something new.

You’re lucky, as now there is an awesome cheap uni on the market. It’s the Here is a review of the unicycle (it has a few other upgrades but these are surplus for the time being, honestly) from a fellow forum member which you may be interested in. This should clue you in on everything about the unicycle.

And just in case, i’m sure someone else will back me up and recommend this uni.

That’s out of the question, he’s in england.

Ohh, i didn’t know that. Sorry about that. :frowning:

thanks guys was drooling over the koxx white widow for a while anyway. it looks badass and if it can take a beating than i think its the one for me.

suggested upgrades…?

What do you mean exactly cause some parts may not be interchangeable on the Koxx. :thinking:

just to get the most out of it… style, strength and durability.
i want a uni that will last

if i got that uni i would probly upgarde to the Odyssey Twisted plastics
just incase you forget to take your shin guards.

i used to bmx back in the day so im no stranger to a shin beating but id say im willing to trade off a little pain in exchange for more durability. the last and only plastics i used got destroyed in about 2 hours

should maybe look into getting sum shin gaurds tho

If looks are pretty important to you, then go ahead with the Koxx uni.

I would go with the Nimbus instead though. I trust the Nimbus’s durability a little bit more than I trust Koxx’s durability. A big point for me is that the Nimbus rim is undrilled.

Both are quality unicycles, so either way you are going to enjoy them.

What size wheel you going to get, though? You mentioned muni and trials…which typically have conflicting wheel sizes. 24"-29" for muni, 20"/19" for trials.

Seems like everyone so far just reccomended a 20" trials uni.

Did I miss something?

£250 is about 360.125 US$

i think you’re thinking euros. Cause $1.9=£1

more than likely ill b going for a wide 20/19" as i think its mainly going to be used for street and trials maybe a bit of muni in the summer but not enought long distance stuff to warrent gettin a bigger wheel.
i want to start learning trix but am a bit worried that my current unicycle will fall apart if i jump on it any more.

You seem to want the white widow. I will list advantages of both koxx and KH, and you can decide.

Koxx one widow (or any other devil)
-looks good++
-zero Q factor cranks
-try-all sticky
-crappy cromo frame
-everything on the koxx website weighs more than they say.

Kris Holm
-Stronger rim (I have tested both, the KH is stronger) but 10 grams heavier
-quality aluminum frame, very light
-CC are shit tires.
-Comes with jim cielenky pedals that weigh around 800grams. Put some mags and you have a really light uni.
-warranty on frame and cranks.
-looks bland

IF I had to choose between the two, I would go with the KH.
You should not really feel the difference of tires until you have ridden each. For all I know you might love a CC, and hate the sticky.
Another option is to buy the widow, then when you have more cash and know what you want, buy a KH frame and powdercoat it white.

Happy uniing

i have lived in both the UK and US and take offence at your incorrect corrections

1 GBP = 1.97731 USD

try a currency converter

I would say that K1 has a more solid wheelset, due to the fact that they have undrilled rims and KH has a far superior frame, so i would say try and get a k1 wheelset w/ a KH frame

ok danni u seemed to have layed it out quite decicively

whats your views on the knoxx orange bud
has the solid wheel…
not sure if its the same frame as the widow?

I ride a k1 OB and like it alot. My only complaint is not a real complaint and it’s the fact that i constantly worry about F-ing my street cranks over doing trials, but i can just buy a pair of trials cranks to fix that problem. An no it is the same frame as the Devil, , DH Pro, Choco, Pink, Tan, and White Russian frame, jsut different color paint.