I want a faster unicycle. Maybe a 29". Should I worry about the hub fitting properly?

I bought a 20" Torker a month ago. I put twisted pedals and a KH fusion freeride saddle and post on it. I LIKE IT, BUT… I want a faster uni for longer distances. I ride on the street and I am only a beginner.

So… I was going to order a new 29" nimbus from udc but I read that they might have problems with their issis hub and bearings fitting their frame properly.
I have been enjoying this sport alot, but don’t really want to spend too much on it.

Should I worry about this? What should I do??

I think you should not worry about that probleme and buy it:p That’s what I’ll do.

I would skip the 29 and buy a 36. I started with a Torker 24 and wanted to go faster also;

so, I bought a Torker AX 29, and soon after a Coker (36). now I seldom used the 29.

Yeah this is a good idea too, 36" are much faster than 29". It’s really cool and the cyclist like them:)

I think the proberlem was with the KH ISIS 40 bearings.

I bought a UDC Nimbus 29 over a year ago. It has the regular, non-KH bearings, which fit just fine into the frame, and don’t slide around at all as long as you have the spacers on there.

I’m not sure where your interest lies in riding style, but I’ll always be riding my 29". I’ve ridden a 36" several times and really like it and plan to buy one, but there are offroad trails that are great fun on the 29" and would be awkward and difficult on a 36". If you’re interested in strictly riding distance on-road, then a 36" may be the best route to take.

I’ve had my Nimbus 29 for over a year. No problems with the bearings or otherwise.

There has only been one report of an issue like this, and it seems to be to do with using an ISIS hub (which normally has 42mm bearings) in a 40mm frame. I have not heard of any issues with regular ISIS hubs/bearings in regular 42mm frames, so I wouldn’t worry about that.

It might be worth, however, just specifying on your order that you want 42mm bearing holders. That way, if/when you decide to upgrade to a Schlumpf geared hub, you will still be able to use the same frame.


Get the 29er, I have a 36er and a 29er and the 29er is more versatile

You have a few options. You can keep posting on Internet forums and get questionable advice. You can do some Internet searches and gather testimonials that may or may not back up the advice you get here. Or you can call / email the manufacturer (or dealer) and get authoritative advice.

Only one of those options would keep me from worrying. I’m sure you can figure it out yourself.

Somehow I don’t think that calling the manufacturer and asking “should I buy your product?” is likely to get a useful response.

yes, that response will probably be a little bias.

I believe that it is correct that the problem that someone had was because they ordered it with the Kris Holm bearings and it had to be shimmed.

I thank you all for your responses.

I think that I just talked myself into buying a Kris Holm 29 uni instead of the Nimbus. I want a lightweight cool uni and Kris makes one. Just kinda spendy$$


Cool! but dont forget to take the 09 freeride 29" KH ride with it :sunglasses:

Well, I ordered a unicycle. It so happens that it has 22mm ID, 40mm OD bearings using KH shims, to fit a 40mm bearing diameter frame to an ISIS hub. There’s nothing on unicycle.com’s web site which indicates that–actually, unicycle.com’s site says it has 42mm bearings. If I had been given a choice, I would have used the 22/42mm bearings. http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=1052

And there’s no particular reason why anyone would think that 22mm ID, 40mm OD bearings are a problem, until someone (me) pointed out that they don’t seem to work very well for the application.

one more reason to just but a Kris Holm unicycle.

A 29" is a big uni for a begginer rider; i.e. been there and done that :frowning:

If you have the opportunity, why not try to demo a 24" and a 29", I think you’ll find that the 24" is way faster than the 20", while still be manageable for a new rider.

But it’s your money…

Well I just want to say that I bit the bullet and just ordered a Kris Holm 29"

I was going to buy a Nimbus but I found a KH for just a few $$ more. So I guess I won’t have to worry about the bearings fitting.

I can hardly wait. The pictures that I have seen look really nice.


Thanks everyone.