I want a clip of a 360.

I want to do a lot of editing and effects to a clip of someone doing a 360. (Not a 360 unispin)

It would be best if it is a side shot, or slightly angled shot of the rider doing one down stairs, or down a ledge. The higher quality the video is, the better. Size doesnt matter. lol

I know of a few videos with good clean 360s in them, but I havent seen them in a while, so if anyone of you guys want to, can you go out film me a nice 360? Or if you know a video with a really good 360 in it, post the link.


I can send you one tommorow, that I had filmed a long time ago.

It’s pretty smooth, side shot, video quality is okay… it’s off of like a 3 foot ledge.

It’s on the other computer though.

Perfect. Thanks =p

Well, time to let this die now.

Here’s the link, it’s not as good as I remembered it but I hope it works for ya.