I Want A Bc Wheel!!!

I reeeeaaally want a BC wheel but i dont want to spend too much because i probably wont use it very much…

Does anyone know how i can get a REALLY cheap one?
I can maybe… get a wheel from my local bike shop or something but i dont know how to weld things or do any of that metal work stuff, so i dont know how im gonna get the… whatever they’re called that go on the side :angry:

PS. What does BC stand for? :thinking:

Or does someone have a cheap one for sell? :smiley:

1) Have you tried Bedford Unicycles or UDC
2) They’re called plates. :smiley:
3) The idea came from this and R.I.P JOHNNY HART

Well this is a BC. :smiley:

Impossible Wheel.jpg

This is made by me
Normal BMX Wheel > € 22,00
BMX Tire > € 10,00
Normal Tube > € 3,00
Plates… mmm… > € 2,40 + a little of skill to build them on the hub… but really nothing special :slight_smile:

…isn’t a Bedford or a Nimbus one… of course… but it works and unless u’r already skilled for it, you won’t destroy it easily :wink:
For the plates i chose those angulars (angulars? :thinking: ), but there are some others which look stronger if you think that these ones aren’t enough :stuck_out_tongue:


pegs work, just not very well.

if you’re not going to use it much you can get one for 10 bucks, just buy some bmx pegs, get a front wheel off an old 20" kids bike, and a little griptape.

you will need a socket wrench to attach the pegs to the axel.

Correction: Round pegs on the axle are really bad, because they rotate. Your feet will roll right off. But if you can do something to flatten them, like add something to the peg to give it a flat spot, then you’re fine.

Also if you can find some old-school moped foot pegs or something of a similar shape, those work great. At least until they bend downward from all that being jumped on. That’s what I used to have.

For only cruising along they are not that bad, my first BC had real round ones. Normal shoes dent enough to hold them in place (even when landing in the initial jumping on). At least till you loose balance and would fall of anyway. The only problem with round pegs is the higher likelihood of “shooting” the BC away when you fall off.

Of course plates have the large advantage that you can do tricks with them. Contrary to intuition riding with plates is not easier than with pegs (the lower center of mass is more than offset by the additional rotational degree of freedom of the plates).

Maybe I’m misunderstanding but riding with lower plates is MUCH easier than riding with pegs, there is simply no comparison.

Is there something i can use thats already bent to use as plates?

My dad said going to a metal shop would cost alot
And I dont care if its like a REALLY junky bc wheel, as long as it kinda works :smiley:

A lot of people cut and use angle iron. Its really freaking heavy but should do the job. Make sure you have a 14mm axle though otherwise it will bend in no time.

My own experience so far was that plates are not really easier than pegs. But of course that might be just my subjective feeling.
I learned BCing with pegs and switched to plates later on. It took some effort to get used to plates, and I am still not good at it.

From my understanding of the underlying physics I am not sure why plates should make it easier. The plates move around the axle when you shift weight, so your feets position relative to the base point of the wheel constantly changes. This movement might be stabilizing, but I found the inertia of this movement hard to control.
With pegs on the other hand you have direct control over the wheel, one less degree of freedom to compensate.

Nevertheless I would go with plates, due to the tricks possible with them.

well i dont really want to do tricks (for a pretty long time) i just want to experience riding it :smiley:

go to a hardware store and look in the roofing section or just ask the employees what you are looking for. garage sales for wheels. good luck!

Ok i THINK i know what i’m gonna do, but i need you guys to tell me if it will actually work… :smiley:

I have an old probably like 16" wheel from my little bike, and i can take that off and put my Pegs from my BMX bike on it… Will that work fine?

For me a 16" seems a bit too small for it. But the pegs might work if you wanna go ahead with it. :smiley:

that wheel’s axle will bend like butter. get a decent wheel so that you don’t get frustrated with learning because of broken equipment.

bedford FTW. save up a little bit, trust me, it’ll be worth it.

How easily will it bend? Because i dont plan on doing any tricks or drops

very. just riding it will bend.

miles (UN:mornish) is like 90 lbs. and he bent a wheel like that just riding it.

oh… do you think my local bike store will have used wheels that i can buy or have?

yea, just make sure it’s a 14mm hub.

you could probably make ok plates with this if you have access to something to cut with and something to drill a big enough hole.