I wanna Freestyle uni

i would like a freestyle uni perferably a longneck nimbus pm me if youv got something i might like…perferably around 110 mm cranks

i owuld like a go-cart that runs on farts pm if you got something i might liike.

Wtf do you think this is? Burger King? You can’t have it your way on this one…

Do you intend on paying ther person you will recieve this from? Honestly… you can’t just say “hey, i want a unicycle. Pm me if you have something i might be interested in” or something like that.

Actually, he can have it his way, because if it isn’t what he wants, he will not take it.

And the “Hey, I want a uni. Pm me.” Approach seems to work quite well on here. Its not like he is saying he wont pay for it.

I don’t see why you guys felt the need to jump on this guy.

PM Sent.

Sorry… It was a bad day. Something happened in my family i dont feel like discussing in detail.

I would sell you mine, but my friend is picking up on unicycling, and i might give it to him for his b-day.

The long neck nimbus X frames are a bit new and you will likely be best off buying the frame from UDC directly if not the whole cycle.

thank you…

i will if i cant find anything on here

hahaha lol

you should try condensing your posts all into one, instead of posting three times within 1 minute.

sry lol