I unicycled on the Hollywood Sign!

So I didn’t really plan it or anything, it just happened one day. I was in the area one day last week and so I thought I’d see how close I could get to the sign. So I drove as far as I could and got to this point:

Which letter??

Awesome! I uni through Griffith park in full view of the Hollywood sign all the time. Sorry I missed that!! I will be watching the sign more closely from now on. BTW, which letter were you on?

And I saw all the signs saying “no hiking” to the sign, $103 fine plus possible arrest. Blah, blah, blah. Figured it’d be worth the 100 bucks if I did get caught, and I could of course always try to talk my way out of it and give them my big innocent not guilty smile. Or fall back to, I wasn’t “hiking” to the sign, I was “unicylcing”! :slight_smile:

Plus it was super windy that day and I saw a couple trees down over roads and even a roof that blew off. So I figured they were probably really busy with other stuff and they might not notice me and/or if they did, they might not care. So I went for it and decided to bring my muni along with to ride down from it.

Because there is lots of security and cameras around the sign (see here), I thought I’d take the long unbeaten path up just to be safe and more hidden in the trees/shrubs. I slowly made my way up and it took awhile (over an hour) as it was pretty steep at sections and I had my uni.

But I eventually made it up there despite having to walk in the open right under a camera:

You could tell them you’re a tourist from Denmark with a Minnesota drivers license. :slight_smile:

Anyway, remember you said this later when someone reads about your exploits here and blows the whistle! (it won’t be me)

Now for the part about how you rode on that, please…

Hung out there for awhile and took some photo’s. Then climbed just a little up the letter D and mounted my unicycle. But couldn’t really ride cause of the way the sign is. Wish I could have snapped a picture but there was no way to do it myself. I was waiting to hear sirens or someone shouting thru a loud speaker but I never did. Guess it was my lucky day.

I also did a pedal grab from the ground onto the sign and back down to the ground. Nothing special, just cool to say I’ve pedal grabbed the Hollywood Sign!

So then I mounted the uni and rode down from the sign. The top was really steep and loose so it was hard to ride. But the middle was great to ride and then towards the bottom it got too steep to ride.

Wonder what the rangers were thinking if they saw me riding down?! :sunglasses:

So anyways, I made it and somehow didn’t get caught! Yeah! Now I can check that off of my list…

man that is so cool even if you didnt fully ride on it its still awesome

up on top of the letters it looks like just an i-beam is that what you were on?

I didn’t have the balls to climb to the top. So I just went up a little bit. If you look at the second picture, I was on the third I beam from the bottom.

Nice pix…great story!

Are Ray-Ban Aviators back in again?

I’ve still got my pair from when Top-Gun came out :sunglasses:

I’ve always liked them and have been wearing them for the last couple of years…don’t know if they’re “in” or not.

Wonderful post! I notice a Bedford shirt also. (Dan Heaton?)

I recommend a new rim…

Why? Seems to work just fine.

Dude, that’s awesome. Have you ridden on any other famous monument-type things?

It has a huge dent in the sidewall! Bend it out with some plyers (With sheet metal in between the plyers and rim).

Non-deformed rims look much nicer :slight_smile:

That’s a bush…