I Unicycle and I Vote Bumpersticker

Still got a bunch of these; $1 each plus shipping. I’m really just looking to break even on this venture. Paypal, check or cash. PM me if you’re interested.

I grabbed four of these after RTL. :slight_smile:

Free Stickers

Why don’t u give them away and take the losses off your taxes.

bump…ersticker :slight_smile:

hahaha thats pretty funny lol.
But no thanks 'cos i dont vote.

no wait can i have the top half!

Speaking of unicycling and voting, I volunteered for the Obama campaign last weekend by unicycling into Philly to try and get people registered. I didn’t get any new registrations but it was still fun.

I’m making a bunch of Obama buttons to hand out next time. I would like to make a few I Unicycle and I Vote buttons too if you wouldn’t mind. I wont be selling them. I picked up a sticker from you at RTL but I’d like to wear the message on more than just my car.

I’d grab that if you had it in a patch - but I don’t drive enough anymore to buy bumperstickers.

They do look good.

Don’t mind at all, it was actually Jjuggle’s idea originally (I gave him credit in a previous thread). If you can mail me one I’ll cover shipping.

No problem. I’ll mail it to you today.
If anyone else wants a button, I can make a few more. Just PM me with your address.

Don’t skip the awesome sticker though. It is way better than my homemade buttons.

Bump for a good product.

A bit of a shoddy photo, but The Boss kept me down in the city longer than expected.

Please disregard the giant bird shit on my window.

You know what would be sweet? Little mini stickers.
Something like 3.5"x2", business card size.

you know, I don’t think they look as great as you say they are… they just don’t apeal to me…

Just one last bump. Thanks for posting the pics.

Adding the ‘…and…’ didn’t do the concept any favours.

Personal opinion strictly.
And it might be because of my South African history with the phrase “One Man One Vote”, but still.

And it’s another bump.

I actually thought it made it sound closer to the sort of stickers it is parodying:



OK, we’re having a cross-Atlantic misunderstanding here.

No harm done.
My apologies.