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I did the search but I couldn’t find what I want so sorry if this is an old question. I have a Nimbus 36" and want to put a speedometer on the t7. What is a good one for that uni? Thanks for the help guys.

I got this one. It’s cool and I like it a lot. Its pretty cheap if you get it on bikeman.com too. The only bad thing is that you need to slim down one of the spokes for the magnet to fit on if you have 12 g spokes. Other than that it’s great and I would reccomend it.

how do you tell what gauge spokes you have, I don’t remember what I was told was on it? Any other suggestions on a meter anyone??? Thanks for the info so far.

i used a schyinn (sp) meter on my 36er when I had it. Had no probs with it. I had one on my 29er (same type) until I realized I was way too dependent on the meter on my rides. Since I got rid of it, I enjoy my rides way more than I did when I had it. If you do get one for the 36er, you will have to convert the counter over to the 36" wheel. Its not in the booklet that comes with the meter. I googled it once I found the formula, and may have posted the number here on the forums. Lemme do a search from all my old posts and I will link it.

As for the gauges of the spokes, the bigger then number, the thicker the spokes are. At least that’s how wire gauges work. I’d be willing to bet that spoke gauges work the same way.

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Anywho, with a little research, and creative use of the search function (actually useful, yay!) this thread What circumference did you enter into your Coker cycle computer? may help you. It has some numbers for the bike computer for the 36er. Your manual will show it only going to about a 29er diameter tire. But you can put the numbers in the thread into the computer and they should work with the one magnet on the tire fairly accurately. That’s the setup I had on my radial 36er. Hope this works for you and you get your computer setup without any problems!

Correction, with spoke guages the smaller the guage the bigger the spokes. 12 guage is bigger than 14 guage. Thats why I needed to trim mine. As for you if you have a stock 36 chances you have 12 guage. Also cycle computers are almost always universal all you have to do is type in your wheel circumference in millimeters. This is at least true for mine.

The smaller the # of gauge, the thicker it is, so 13 is also thicker than 14.

It’s not mentioned that often, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard of 12 gauge spokes on a unicycle.

You should have put something to the effect of that in the title.

The non stainless steel 36er spokes are 12 gauge: http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=277