I trashed my onza

Like its says my Onza got totally trashed. I will let the pictures speak for themselves…

Here is what happened to the hub.


The left “bananna” crank.


The right crank arm.


I will post more pictures when they are uploaded.

I think you need to choose a different hub. Because that that hub is…

OK Jim, how in every hell man has ever conceived did you do that???

I am going to guess he jumped of sometin that was very high either that he beat the hell out with a hammer

It was only a 6’ drop but I did it like 10 times, and the platform I had to mount on was like 8 inches wide, and there was a fence behind me so my jumping stance was very awkward.

The truly amazing part is I wasn’t hurt.

also it destroyed the back bumper


Yeah, time for profiles.


I want a banana crank

and why exactly did you do the drop so many times

I don’t see how Profiles are going to hold up any better. Profiles aren’t magic. Profiles will bend too given that level of abuse. The only advantage the Profiles have is the warranty.

That’s kinda why I want them. Will profile replace them if they are bent, or just if they snap?

The reason I did the drop so many times was becuase I couldn’t get it and it was making me mad. I like half landed it a few times, by half land I mean land start to ride away then fall, and I wanted to land it fully

Trip what was “why?” directed to?

sorry for the double post.

you answered my question. i was wondering why you kept doing the drop as your cranks were bending.

Heh, impressive.
Go to unicycle.2ya.com for instructions on how to drop to flat and not hurt your unicycle (or yourself).

You are definitely getting your money’s worth out of that unicycle! I hope you’re having a great time with it.

It’s possible you could improve your technique to land “lighter,” but it sounds like that was a pretty difficult drop from any point of view. You are just going beyond what even the high-end parts can handle. As you said, it’s a good thing your body is holding up better!

if you keep doing it over and over again you keep bending them and it becomes harder to ride away. and i thought my cranks were bent geeze i would never do that unless i had money to buy another

I’ve never warrantied profiles, but if you sent them a pair of cranks like that they’d have a hard time justifying not warrantying them. And even if they didn’t, you could aways just snap them. If you had been riding profiles on that drop, they wouldn’t have bent so badly, the right crank would’ve just snapped. This is because of the nub, which is stronger than the surrounding crank. THis forces the steel to stretch around it, which will crack or snap it. If you get profiles you may want to get a right crank that is left hand drive and a left crank that is right hand drive. This assures that you won’t have any nubs. If you do get a nub, DON’T grind it down. If you have to, hammer your frame to fit it, but don’t grind the nub, as that weakens the crank.

John is right, profiles arren’t magic, but the warranty is. If you are doing that to your cranks and axle, you will want a warranty.


Jim man, come on! stop that! its gonna be hard for you and your brother to ride if you keep obliterating parts of the face of the earth! poor Onza. it was cool. then it died. go us for breaking stuff! i can still drop higher then you Jim! but then again, you only have to replace your crank, i had to reposition my axle. Excellent work! my theory is that if we keep breaking stuff, they will have to make better stuff… eventually they will make cranks and hubs out of crazy stuff like unobtanium or something…

Go Swat!

Also Jim, i think we should keep a running tally of the total price of all the parts we’ve broken. that would be cool.

welcome to my world. i did the same (relatively) to my KH20, within 2 months of my riding.

a basic run down of what i did to my KH.

1)within a week, broke the seatpost, replaced as warranty
2)2 weeks after that, broke the replacement.
3)had that seatpost welded uber strong, and then broke the seat
4)same weekend as the seat, twisted the cranks, damaged the pedals and bent the axle

and im just now getting profile hub and another seatpost, after over a month of no trials uni. needless to say, Tony of unicycle.co.nz was impressed :smiley: