I threw my '05 KH20 away

I’m sure this probably happens all the time but I went to the landfill yesterday to get rid of some old junk and I accidentally left my unicycle there. It was consequently sold for $10 (US$5). God damn it.

How did it get left?

This really sucks. Did you go back and ask if it is still around? May be by chance they did not throw it away.

Anyway, you have my deepest sympathy.

Think, someone has that unicycle and doesnt know it is one of the best in the world… Is it at all customized?


Thats rotten luck…

you sould have recycled it.

hah i found out who has it … check this out

Hi Guy!

A hideously intelligent woman once told me an old jewish proverb. It was about a man who had very very bad luck, and when things went wrong, they always turned out for the best.

The guy’s son fell off his horse and broke his leg so he couldn’t go to the market. A few days later at the market there was a fire and many people died. In the end it was a good think he fell off the horse.

One of their sheep ran away and the man had to leave his wife to find it. He journied in the rain for 3 days. When he caught up to the rogue sheep he found a whole flock of wild sheep that he could take back to his farm. It turned out that i was a good think one of his sheep ran away because he found a whole flock of sheep that he could sell.

The chorus of the proverb was:

It could be good,
It could be bad,
It’s just happening.

It could be a good thing that you lost your unicycle. You may try riding a different unicycle and have a great time. You may have fallen off and broken something. You just dont know :).

Remebering this proverb always helps me. I hope it helps you too.

Someone Has Found Your Unicycle!

That’s the last time I go to another country to take my stuff to the dump!

i think he left his uni because you were ment to give him yours, after all. you may have fallen off and broken something. You just dont know.

so, take your own advice before you hurt yourself.

my condolences


Lost Uni?

Hi if you go near the top of the rec.sport unicycling, someone has found your unicycle :slight_smile:

OK I’m gonna write this all out now while it’s fresh in my head, not just for you but also it could help incase I need to seek legal advice.

About half the stuff I (intentionally) threw out was old computer gear, a couple of CRTs and an empty shell of a PC etc. Just before I got to the actual landfill though, I saw a “recycle shop” that bought and sold stuff so I thought I’d try getting some $ for the monitors.

First thing I did was walk into the recycle shop and ask if they bought monitors and he said “yeah take it round the back” and so I did that. The guy around the back though told me that they weren’t buying any monitors because they just weren’t selling, upon hearing this I offered to take some of their monitors up to the landfill for them. He was appreciative and went about finding some more monitors for me to take away.

I had my unicycle lying on top of my two monitors that were already on the backseat so I grabbed the uni out to make room for the other monitors. As I grabbed the unicycle out I remember hearing the guy say “oooh, a unicycle” which sounded to me, a lot like “oooh, we could sell that” so I replied with “haha, THIS isn’t for sale” and carried on loading up the car with monitors.

After that, I thought the guy had gone back in to look for more monitors so I struck a conversation with another staff member there about a playstation that I had lying on the floor behind my driver seat, I was asking how much they were likely to give for it and he said “about $7” and so I told him that I’d have to get back to him coz it was actually one of my friends playstations and I didn’t know what he wanted done with it yet.

Next there was more “thanks heaps for taking these up the tip for us” and I was all “no problem”.

The only way I can explain why I forgot to put the unicycle back in the car is that when I took it out of the car to make room for the monitors, I wasn’t sure how many monitors were going in and I think I must’ve expected to put it back in on top of everything after we loaded up the boot, except we never put any monitors in the boot (and there was no longer enough room for it on the backseat), I think the playstation conversation also made me lose my train of thought.

Anyway, I went up to the tip and while I was up there I phoned my friend (and owner of the Playstation) to ask if he wanted anything done with it, he said he didn’t care so I told him I’d try and get enough for a burger for it.

Back to the recycle shop and I went straight around to the back bit where they buy goods and slapped the playstation down on the desk and asked him if he was taking them. He said “yeah, thanks!” and started putting it away. I put on my confused expression and asked him if he was gonna give me any money for it. He said “no sorry, we don’t pay money for playstations anymore”, I couldn’t be bothered telling him about how the other guy I’d talked to had said “$7” so I just left it and went on my merry way round to unicyclistjoe’s place to hangout and see if he was up for riding or anything.

Unfortunately unicyclistjoe wasn’t keen on riding and I ended up taking off and going to a 48hr film comp thing with the former owner of the playstation.

The next day I was still unaware that I was one unicycle short of being a unicyclist until me and my gf went to the Salvation Army to get rid of yet more stuff. While I was there I decided to buy myself a “new” computer chair and when we got it back to the car and opened the boot I suddenly felt a deep chill in my stomach, like something wasn’t right. I said “where’s my unicycle?”.
Girlfiend: “is it at your house?”
“I think I left it at the tip yesterday.”
Girlfriend (sensing the urgency): “shall we go there now?”
“No it’s 3pm and they close at 5 so I’ll make sure it’s not at home and pick up the old computer chair and throw some more stuff out first”

So we stopped in at home to pick up more stuff, the unicycle wasn’t at home. I dropped the girlfriend off coz she had work at 5 and the sped all the way to the dump.

In my head I wasn’t thinking that I’d left it at the recycle shop but instead I thought I’d left it actually up at the dump. I was feeling a bit despondant after that visit to the dump coz there was absolutely no chance of finding the uni there.

I pulled in at the recycle shop (you know, just in case) and went round to the guy at the back and was like “hey, do u remember me? I helped u out with those monitors yesterday”
“yeah, hi”
“I think I might’ve left a blue unicycle here”
“Yeah, you did. I didn’t think you’d leave something like that”
“OK, I didn’t mean to, please, do you still have it?”
“no, it got sold this morning”
“it got sold? no freakin way, how much did u sell it for?”
“umm, $10 or something. She bought a whole lot of stuff”

“it’s worth about $1100” (so yeah, Jim Cs, gel seat, KH rail adaptor, KH rail seatpost)

He said that the lady who bought it was some sort of member or something (landfill members?!) and that he expected her to come in again on Monday. I tried to get her contact details out of him but no, I have to wait till Monday to see what happens next. Fingers crossed she hasn’t sold it or whatever.

Wait, I think you could take legal action here. You never gave them the unicycle and they had no right to sell it. Try to find it and if not, look into this. Its stealing, more or less. But a lawyer would cost more than $1100.

That sucks. I think that we all (with the exception of PDC) are hoping you get it back. Best of luck!

dude … im sorry for you … really
that is gayness
I bet the guy stole your unicycle … and kept it for himself
likely situation?
Ohhh I think so!
ppl these days

Major bummer, dude. Hope you can find it again.

If you can’t get it back, you may have some ground for legal action. (I’m no expert, I just watch court television)

That’s a really bugger, Pete. I sure hope you get it back. Keep at eye out on trademe and the Trade & Exchange as it might show up there soon.

FKK man, this is not right eh. im almost crying for you!

Hey man, that really sucks, hopefully you get it back, maybe just pay the woman who bought it 20 dollars just to make up for that fact she just bought it and now has to give it back.

Hopefully she doesn’t put it up on ebay or ends up giving it to a family member for a present, then it would make it so much harder to get back.

Next time your at the shop place, be aggressive, be polite still, but really let them know that your pissed and you mean business! You can even mention a legal action, a small claims case, cause you didn’t give permission for them to take that, so they just assumed they could take it and sell it without the rights of the owner (you), I dont see how they could when in that one.

Good luck man!