i thought it funny when...

my cousins’ wife summit from unicycle.com arrived at her door with a part sticking out of the box. she was concerned that her cycle had been damaged. the seat post she received wasn’t wrapped in anything and just moving around in the box. i told her that the 2 uni’s i’ve gotten from them and another order of misc parts always had damage to the box or was half open by the time i got it. i thought they only did that to me.

one other thing was that her summit came with a longer post than mine. the one i received less than a month ago had a much shorter post. good thing i was there cuz i needed that longer post. we ended up swapping. it worked out well for both of us. her husband would of chopped it real fast.

Dang that is not that good of job on packaging their products! I would be so pissed! :angry: Oh wells, at least the seat post swap worked out for the better.