I think the world just got smaller ...

I don’t make many posts, but felt this deserved to be put up. So here is a small world story that I just experienced.

Today was a normal Vancouver ‘winter’ day, rain. After getting home from work I wasn’t too enthusiastic about going for a ride, but what the heck right!? Pulled out my 20" and decided to go to the local school where there is a covered area… only I got distracted by a one of those elevated gardens by the side walk, an area I don’t normally go.

As I’m practicing someone approaches me from behind and the dialog went something like this, I may have somethings slightly mixed up, but this is the gist:

Stranger asks: “Hey”
Me: “Hey” (with a little enthusiasm, I just fell rather unceremoniously)
Stranger: “Do you ride here often?”
Me: “I live about a block from here”
Stranger: “Really!? So do I! I’ve got a 24”
Me: “Sweet, you should check out our site ‘vanuni.com’ and ride with us sometime!” (this is my usual response to people who are curious, but it strikes me that this guy seems like more than just the usual)
Me: “Say, what are you doing this Sunday we are probably going for a Muni ride if your interested” (Hmmm, I should probably let the Club know that is what I’d like to do …)

To my pleasant surprise this doesn’t phase him (the ‘muni’ part). We exchange names, and I now know that the ‘Stranger’ is Jude (If memory serves properly, I even had to ask him for his name a second time, I am SO bad with names). He heads home and I figure that is the end of my small world experience, well no, it isn’t. He finds out he is working on Sunday so grabs his uni and heads out into the rain to come back and practice with me.

After talking with him for awhile I learn a little bit about him, turns out he used to live in Victoria where he rode with Justin Kohze and Bryan Corry (who moved here recently), as well as rode with Sabin as a kid.

I’m quite drenched at this point, we decide to ride to our respective homes, turns out he lives two buildings down the street from me!

Anyway, it was a very surreal experience all around and looking back at my post I realize I may be starting to ramble. I just never thought it was possible to meet another rider this way (I have naively assumed to meet another dedicated rider I had to actively search for them).

Thinking to myself ‘Well that was cool’,

Haha, that’s sweet! You guys in Vancouver are so lucky to have such a big unicycle community. I Calgary, there is only two active riders (including myself).

what about the munipsychos? im sure there is more than 2 riders in calgary.

That is one of the good things in life when fun things like that happen.

Oh Danni, I’ve been trying to go riding with you for the longest time, it just ends up that when you ride I’m busy and I ride last minute. I’ve been commuting all over the place recently on my new Nimbus 29".

So make that three? And if you want I can introduce you to a few more. In fact I’ll make sure to invite you to our annual Uni Hockey at the end of the summer, we usually have around 10-20 riders come out.

Rollot, sweet story man! sniff :o It’s beautiful how it works together sometimes.