i think my uni is dying

its making the most horrible noises ever and ive only had to two months
its the sun dh 20"

but what unicycle should i get when this one dies if im aiming to go into street

i would say grease the berrings, thats probably your main problem so to speak. But for a new uni i would get the kh 20. great unicycle, if only i could afford it. good luck greasing your unicycle

i think my right pedal is falling off and my rim is breaking and my spokes are falling out

wow that sounds pretty hardcore…
yeah my friend had a sun 20" and tacoed the rim…
get a torker dx if u dont have that much money…

just bent it i snapped my crank

i snapped my crank on my torker

get a koxx-one. They cost less then a KH and look pimp!

Torker DX or KH 20

the new K1s to do look sick! Get the solid rim though…
the only complaint i have is that with the street cranks when you hit your ankles you get a big bloody mess, but then again some people dont hit their ankle as often either…
I got the orange bud i love it!

KH20! (you should have made a poll…)

Get a KH 20 its definatly worth the money.

I agree with getting a better uni like the KH 20" but make sure you REALLY want to continue riding. I mean you’ve only been riding two months so you’re probably not good enough (unless you eat, sleep, dream, uni ALL the time) to justify a $500 uni. I would look into The Nimbus Street or the ever famous Torker DX. Still another option that will require upgrading to a splined hub when you break it is the Nimbus Trials I personally recomend the second option.

Hmmmm, you say your uni is making horrible noises and is falling apart…my guess, DRUGS. Obviously drugs are to blame for this mess so this is what you do. Grab your uni by the saddle and shake it around a bit and yell,“Get it together uni, your a mess and I’m not gonna deal with it anymore!”. If that doesn’t work just drop it off at the nearest rehab center (bike shop).

Give it some of these:

The’ll help it get itself together

And how are they going to be given to it?! through the innertube valve?!.. or down the seat post…

under the tyre

Sounds like a poor maintenance uni to me.

If you plan on just buying a new one, go for a splined setup. They are stronger, and will last way longer.

Torker DX, Qu-Ax, Nimbus, Koxx, KH. Take your pick, they are all strong, good unis.

make sure you get the hoppy or isis when going nimbus

I think the hoppley has been replaced by the nimbus street uni. Same length cranks, stronger, lighter, and only slightly more expensive.

well thank you i tried to get it to quit all the pillpopping buy it wouldnt listen and ran away

everyone keeps suggesting the new dx
but i hear they have alot of clearence and im 5’1"
im 19 and im not growing anymore
so im just concerned i wont fit it

so a dx is a good inbetween a beginner uni to my dream uni?
and also are trials good for street?