I think its winter

a small video from a ride today inside because it was snowing.


Not afraid of damaging your furnitures? :stuck_out_tongue:

desperate times call for desperate measures :wink:


What is this “snow” you speak of?

well im not sure what you mean, but snow is “atmospheric water vapor frozen into ice crystals and falling in light white flakes or lying on the ground as a white layer.”
it also means I have to find somewhere dry to ride…

My reply was me being facetious/sarcastic. I live in the U.S. Southeast where we measure our frozen winter precipitation in hours rather than weeks or months. We will get snow, but it’s rare and usually only once or maybe twice throughout Winter. It will be melted and gone within a few days and at most a week of falling.

Frost in Atlanta this morning!

But I was riding in shorts and t-shirt after lunch.

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I feel like the majority of unicyclists have got to be in the group of weirdos who wear shorts and a t-shirt no matter what the weather is.