I think I'm going to buy a Sun 28"

I ride to school every day and back, usually about 5-6 miles a day, and I just think it would be nice to have the extra speed. And it’s really cheap–$89 at uni.com (any other places have it cheaper?)

What are the weak points on it? If I ride down from a few curbs, will I have any problems?
Riding down 4 or 5 steps?

What will break?
And how bad is the seat?

Also, I’ve heard learning seat drag is a lot easier with the larger wheel…is this true?


i ride my brothers a lot. i have heard people say basd things about it- like it breaks easy and stuff, but they are probably gonig to ahrd on it. i used to ride my uni to school and i woulda loved a 28" go for it definitley. also i dont remember where andi m too lazy too look, but there is one online for $69.99 i know.


28" uni’s

hey, I’m just looking into 28" uni’s too. I plan to ride to work but my 20" is a bit small for going all that distance.

My friend bought a 28" and tacoed the wheel in about a week by hopping up a curb.

I was considering the Nimbus 29". anyone got any advice?

One more question:
Only Unicycle.com gives you seat post size options…
the other places I’ve seen it sold don’t specify with what it comes.
I’m 5 foot 10, so I don’t want a really small seat post…

Sunrise cyclery has it a bit cheaper b/c of free shipping, but I don’t see anything that cheap.

Re: 28" uni’s

Was it the Sun?

Try ebay.

skiipii, I dont understand why you have quoted me… ?!

oh, hang on I miss read that.

no it wasn’t a sun. I cant remeber what it was, I think it may have been a nimbus, I cant remeber to be honest. Ill try and find out. I think it was faulty though, because he really wasn’t pushing it at all. it was just a 3" drop off of a curb which he rolled straight down. the rim just popped out of shape.

I’d say the weakest part of this uni is the wheelset. I wouldn’t try riding it off a curb unless you are good at landing softly. I wouldn’t think about trying it for anything larger. The parts most at risk are the hub, cranks and rim. If you do get it, make sure the wheel is properly tensioned. It might even be worth it to swap rims with a cheap aluminum one.

That saddle isn’t too bad for comfort. I wouldn’t try riding it for more then a few miles. It may be a good thing it doesn’t have a handle, that way you won’t be tempted to do anything big on it.

If you are short on cash and want a 28er, this looks like a decent buy.

If I go for the 29" nimbus I would probably replace the saddle with a kris holm one. I find having a handle helps a bit for long distance… I noticed roger from unicycle.com at BJC 2004 riding with two kind of handle bars in place of the usual handle. they were just like grips but pointed outwards to hold on to. anyone know what the are or where you can get them?

I’ve got a 28" Sun and it’s really not a bad uni for the money if you’re just going to use it for commuting. I would suggest checking into one of the Sun 28" on ebay that already come with an alloy wheel

I bought the Sun 28" a few weeks ago from Sunrise cyclery. I live 10 minutes away and went there to buy it (I love instant gratification). $99.95. It came with an aluminum rim, which Unicycle.com, I think doesn’t. That’s why their’s is cheaper. If you get the aluminum rim upgrade (drastic weight reduction) they’ll probably charge the same price.
The seat post that came with mine was 300mm and I had to cut it down 2 or 3 inches. I’m about 5’7", 30"inseam. The pedals grip really nice. As for the seat? It stinks!! My one and only complaint. I rode for about a mile when I first got it and after 10 minutes or so it became a very uncomfortable ride. It will be the first thing I change on this uni. It’s a great uni for plain road riding, I don’t think it would stand up to anything too heavy. Oh, and it’s surprisingly fast.

I have had a Sun 26’ since April and the rim is totally bent. Still ridable, but you have to get used to the wobble.

I bought a low cost Sun 28" off ebay. The only poblem is that wheel wasn’t true, wobbles almost 1/2". Still it’s great. I only notice the wobble when I watch the wheel.

yea, that Sun 28 inch–always a temptation. Cheap, and if you don’t do anything extreme, a solid ride (from what I’ve seen)
And since Shibumi noted that the ones at Sunrise cyclery have aluminum rims…
Just a quick ride on the long Island railroad…
Still, I’m saving up for a coker, and my 26 Nimbus is “almost” a 28 inch…

This unicycle is the Holy Grail off cheap unicycles. This unicycle will not do to hot if you take it off any jump higher than 10 inches, You can easily take it off normal curbs and stuff. I recommend this uni to everyone; its $65 and you fly like a moma. I leisurely did 19 miles in about 2 hours and I’m only 14 that’s how awesome this thing is.

But be warned you have to be TALL to ride this with the seat it comes with. I couldn’t do it and I’m 5’ 8". So I just used another seat no big deal. If you don’t have an extra seat all you need is a saw and saw off the bottom of the seat post, which is what I recently did.

But despite these few, fixable problems this uni ROCKS!!! BUY IT!!!

At sun.come it is 65 I dont remeber the website and I’m to lazy to find it but it is out there for 65 bucks.

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Re: I think I’m going to buy a Sun 28"

Here’s what broke doing modest riding (including curbs and
side-mounts) my Sun 26"er: First, a pedal exploded; then, even though
I had properly re-tensioned the spokes, the rim bent; next one of the
studs on the hub broke off; last the defective-by-design seatpost
clamp crimped the seatpost so severly I couldn’t keep it from
spinning. In addition to replacing every part mentioned above, I
found the unicycle was greatly improved by upgrading the tire, cranks
(150s are too long for commuting), and saddle.

Regarding the Sun 28"er, unicycle.com notes that: “This cycle is
intended for street use only; hopping, dropping off curbs, or riding
off-road is not recommended.” I suspect that most people who ride a
lot - and 4 miles/day certainly qualifies - will end up spending more
in the long run since the Sun will need to be upgraded.

Also, I don’t recommend changing rims on this unicycle. If you are
going to the trouble of upgrading, replace the hub as well.


The Unicycle.com 28" (actually described as a 29") one does not only come with an aluminium rim but comes with a top end superwide 700c rim, the widest currently available. It also comes with the 29x2.5" big apple tyre.


Dude, you must be thinking of the wrong sun 28" or im reading it wrong, but my torker lx has a bigger tire that the sun…


Re: I think I’m going to buy a Sun 28"

On Wed, 26 Jan 2005 20:50:17 -0600, “rogeratunicycledotcom” wrote:

>It also comes with the 29x2.5" big
>apple tyre.

2.5 should read 2.35 right?

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