i think i might have to order a Summit tomorrow

at $249 with KH seat its getting hard to resist.

Resistance is futile!

I was in a bike shop near Portland, picking up some brake cables for my recumbent, and saw they had a Summit for sale…$349. That’s one helluva mark-up.

You heard it here first, folks. Used summit for sale in September 2003. Plan ahead and get a good deal.

Yea, I was thinking the same thing.:smiley:


i just got off the phone with uni.com,they have maybe 10 left in stock and now 9 because i just ordered one :smiley:

i feel much better now,ive been brooding over this for weeks.the Super 29er is now set back about 2 months but the Summit deal is to good to miss.once they are gone,they are gone forever im told…

$249 + 30.04 shipping + 6 c.o.d.=$285.04

alright,UPS delivery tracking says thats its due at my door June 25th! thats only 7 days,its usally about 10.gotta love ordering stuff without those pesky holidays around.

i usally order frames and parts,then build up my own unicycle.this is the 1st time i have ever ordered a compleate uni from them,i told John i was making it to easy on them :smiley: :smiley:

But if you do miss out on this deal just wait a few months, Jagur’s will be up for sale :wink:

Sorry Jag and others, I missed nbrazzi and bugman’s posts about Sept., 2003. :o

this one is an investment,im pretty sure it will hold its value quite well at such a good price.if i did deside to sell it though $225 is as low as i would go as long as the seat wasnt trashed…

Ahh the sweetness of living pretty close to Atlanta…lol I paid $14…so in the end i got mine for $263.26 plus a stamp.

tell me about it,you folks who live so close to the source are very lucky.

if had starting capitol and good buisness skills i’d be working on a West Coast chapter of uni.com

Ooooooohhh… I can’t wait for that day to come…

How much was shipping for your Summit, anyhow? I’m about ready to get one me’self and-- oh never mind i may as well check myself

If I hadn’t just bought a KH24 on Tuesday, I would be driving over and picking one up tommorow.:smiley: