I think I might be to big....

I need to know if any of these will work for me.
I am new to the forums and would like to know if I could use any of these to learn with.
Schwinn 20-inch
Torker Unistar LX 20-inch
Club 20-inch Freestyle

I’m a scuba diver and amateur weightlifter. I’m also short, around 5’10", and heavy ~280 lbs. would any of these hold me? I have heard that there is no uni that will hold my weight. I really don’t want to spend over $160 and www.craigslist.org has nothing in my area.

I can tell you for sure that the torker will not hold your weight. I’m not so sure about the other two.

Eli, do you mind sharing why you think that? Did you break yours and what were you doing with it?

At your weight I would be hesitant to recommend any of those unicycles. They could probably all hold your wight just fine riding smoothly on a smooth surface but learning to ride is a whole lot rougher on the unicycle. I know it is a bit more than you want to spend but I would look at the Nimbus II with ISIS hub. It would save you money in the long run since you won’t need to be constantly replacing broken cranks etc.

It has a stronger frame, stronger hub, stronger cranks, stronger rim, more spokes, more standardized parts, a nicer seat, comes with a free magazine :), and is much more upgradable.

Nimbus II

The Nimbus II seems like a good compromise. While it is a little more than I wanted to spend, it seems to be worth the price. I think I will wait and order this model as soon as I can afford it. I do however refuse to buy a $600+ Kris Holm as my first unicycle, as I think I would cry if I dropped it. I appreciate your advice. I’m sure that I will be posting MANY more questions in the months to come.

Nimbus ISIS Should Hold up Just great. Im 5’11" and about 230lbs not a weightlifter though :stuck_out_tongue: And I hop around on my ISIS hub all the time… Its straight as can be.

Two of my friends got them. One of them was around 120 lbs, and he was constantly stripping the cranks. The other guy was around 200 lbs, and he bent his axle all up from some little hops. I never had one, myself.

hahaha you gotta try to ride ryan’s lx. Its messed up. I tried to doubleflip it and i ate it hard

lol, but how much do you think he weighs?

he probably weighs atleast 190-200 maybe a little more. I dont think he weighs 220 but im not sure.

ya but the lx is a square taper so if you do any kinda of hoping that axel will just go squirly after a while.

i would definately suggest a splined hub for sure there is no way that you should learn on a square tapered. and then you wouldnt have to get another uni for a long time after.

Hey, I got my Nimbus II last night. I just tried it out and it is a lot harder than it looks:) I like challenges and this is a challenge. I will be posting questions shortly, thank you for you patience in advance.

Congratulations on your new Nimbus II!

Remember that persistence is more important than coordination in learning to ride a unicycle.

Iterate …

Good luck. :slight_smile: