I think I might be a left-footed unicyclist.

Do right-footed people have an easier time turning right when they are learning to unicycle? I am a righty but I seem to be able to turn left and not right.

you’re just inexperienced, ride for a bit longer and you’ll get it

It doesn’t matter if your right or left footed, turning is always difficult when you learn, don’t worry.

I’m right handed/footed and I found turning left easier for me. This is because your dominant foot is on the outside of the turning circle.

It was the same way for me when I was learning.

Someone once told me their theory, which was that it’s a natural tendancy for humans to protect the dominant side of their body. You have a greater risk of mangling the limb on the inside of a turn, so you prefer turning left in order to preserve your good arm. Same thing with sliding into home plate, or skidding on your bike, or anything else.

It may be total baloney though…

Its cause your right leg is more slightly powerful and when it pedals it pulls the unicycle around slightly.

I’m the opposite. Mostly right handed and I slide and dive way better to the right. (especially back when I was a soccer goalie)

There are lots of little factors that can cause this, as several people have said. Maybe you have scoliosis(abnormal curvature of the spine)?:smiley:
That why unicycles are so great. Unis can aline your body to be more balance. You must counteract within yourself to get desired result. Keep riding:)

I’m having a similar problem and I attribute it to the fact that I am more flexible twisting one way over the other (and neither way is very flexible). But I am making myself practice on my bad side and it is already improving after one day.