I think I invented a new uni game!!!!!

Has anyone ever thought/heard of this game before(I hope I am the first)

Unicycle Kick Ball:D
Basically kickball on a unicycle.
the same basic kickball rules would apply with the following exceptions.

  1. all riders must remain on the uni while the ball is in play.
  2. rider can either kick the ball with the foot, or use the tire to smack it away.
  3. Am I missing Anything

Here are the Best parts

  1. Unicyclist could play at the same time with peds.
  2. better riders could play with a handicap. ex.(only go between bases one footed)
  3. Everyone Knows Kickball!

i dont know kickball??

yeah, really … it was invented near my house so I know what it is, but you are definitely missing something!!

Idle one footed and give it a swift kick! :smiley:

sounds like a decent game, almost every thursday after school me and my mate ride around and while the little kids are practicing football we grab a ball and ridearound and play rugby, it’s interesting. we also made up a new game (not sure how new it is though), where you get two lines 10m apart, you put down your unicycle behind one line, you have to spin around on the spot 15 times (can be made 30 or any other number to make it harder), then when your done your number of spins you have to mount your unicycle behind the first line, and the first person to ride from that line to the other line wins.

sounds great! shall be trying that out at uni club!

thankyou! :wink:

thats what I was going to say

no I don’t see it as fun.

Somebody has to pitch.
what do the people in the outfield do?
How do you throw the runner(unier) out.?
If I kick a double, do I have to hop on 2nd base until the next kick?
I was a good kickball player in 2nd grade and it was fun, but on unis?
Too many players waiting around.

It’s great, but it’s very difficult… (I think that) :thinking:

maybe I’m not good enough to see the light

I guess I could pick up a ball on a uni if it was kick to me in the field ? Then I could pedal with the ball to throw out the base runner.

People in the outfield and on base don’t get on the unis until the ball is pitched. I see…

Kicking the ball with any distance would take some practice. Hummm? Could I kick the ball then get on my unicycle?

Okay, I apologize, it looks like it works

I bet within a few years this will be on ESPN, but it is better than dominos so i am cool with it.

Let’ see a movie !!


Sadly I am the only unicyclist in my area. Someone else will need to try it out.

BTW critter I am glad to see you picked up the idea. I think it would be a much slower game than uni basketball/hockey, that’s not a bad thing though since newer riders would need more room for error.

yea me too… i think im the only unicyclist in orange CT except for my brother who i am in the proccess of teaching how to ride and a friend of mine that can barely go 5 feet:(

lol, have you ever tried kicking anything halfway hard while riding one foot
it doesn’t work very well