I think I broke it

I bought my first unicycle a week ago. I was practicing on it tonight and after one of many UPDs I tried to start off again and the crank turned but the wheel did not. :thinking: I don’t know what to do with it? Is it an easy fix? I don’t need any down time, I am starting to get the hang of it and do not wish to lose progress.
It’s a Torker LX 24". I bought it from a local bike shop.

Take it back, it sounds like faulty hub.

I am “on the road” for my employer and will not be back home for two weeks. I wish I could on Monday, but…

Sounds like a stripped crank. Unicycle hubs being fixed rarely have problems as described. You may have stripped the hub while stripping the crank though. Maybe strip isn’t the right term, maybe deformed the square taper. I don’t have any experience with unicycle square tapers, only bikes. Take the crank(s) off and see if it’s rounded out. Probably is. If the hub looks alright, the axle isn’t bent or any of the business, just get a new set of cranks for cheap.

Warranty would be nice, but LX’s weren’t made for hoping, which I have a feeling is what did this.

If you turn one crank arm, and the other one turns with a stationary wheel that would indicate a bad hub. It’s not too likely that you stripped a crank enough to turn it around the spindle. If it’s a stripped crank it will wobble, and jiggle. In order for it to “turn” the flats would have to be completely gone.

If it’s your hub then it is certainly nothing you did to your uni, but it was going to happen sooner or later due to a faulty part.

Yeah, it seems it would be a bad hub. If I put weight on the seat and step on the pedal both cranks turn bit the wheel does not.

Ah you said crank, not cranks. If one, it’s not the hub, if both, then yeah.

The hub.

Yeah, my bike had a crank that would move a little beyond wobble or jiggle, but it was old soft alu.

Torkers have steel cranks, right?

tapered crank? so…did the nut fall off?
it does on mine sometimes

The left crank became loose a couple of times before, but I tightened it up before this happened. I think they are steel cranks.

I dropped it off at the bike shop where I bought it and just got it back yesterday. Torker sent a new tire and hub complete. Good as new now. :slight_smile: