I still can't decide

KH20 trials or Onza trials.

What I’ve heard (all info is second-hand):


  • Strong hub + cranks
  • Solid all around
  • Ankle ripping


  • Lighter
  • Less expensive
  • Strong hub + cranks
  • Haven’t heard any

But yet I keep hearing the KH is better. PLease help. All input is welcome.


I have an onza and it has served me well, personly i think it look’s better than the kh, there basicly the same, then it go’s down to looks,- choose whichever you think looks the coolest
cause in the end they basicly do the same thing, your not going to get more out of one than the other, whatever you decide on.
so choose on looks.
thats my advise hope it helps.


That’s the best advice I’ve gotten. Everyone kept telling me to go with the KH but they wouldn’t give reasons. I think I’ll go with the Onza because of the price (and the look).

Thanks for the reply

You’re right about the looks! The Onza is prettier and lighter. There is at least one Onza owner on this forum who had problems with a loose keyway (spindle-to-hub interface). That is the only problem I’ve heard of and I can’t say whether it was a fluke or not. Go with your heart, I say.

I had loose keyway problems with the Onza and so have a few others. I heard that someone (I think muniracer) had bashed their crank so where it fitted onto the axle was ovalised and wouldn’t turn to let them take the crank off. Since I sorted that out I have had no problems. Tho I have a KH crankset on my muni and I haven’t had any trouble full stop. Plus other brank bike cranks fit them I think.

I still think I’d go for the Onza trials tho. Not sure why, probably just cuz it’s so sexy!

Thats ok, let us know what you got or getting.

I have a loose keyway on my KH20. I dont think that should be a reason to NOT get the onza since both unis are susceptible.

I think one con of the onzas could be the frame. The crown is not angled and grippy like the KH. This isnt a big issue though.

I think i would still go with the onza. :slight_smile:

the gallery is down as of now, but when its back up check out the hell on wheel gallery (link in my sig). click on photos then trip’s onza. you will see how the key way has been completely destroyed from crank nd pedal grabbing. thi has happened ot a couple onza users and im pretty sure no kh users. i have had the uni for 4 months and it looks like ill have to replace the entire wheelset sometime soon.

This is all great stuff. I have seen Trip’s Onza and that is pretty messed up. But I think because of price, weight, and a gut feeling I’m going to go with the Onza. Now its just the choice of where to buy. Unicycle.com Usa is like $180 (my canadian money) more than the one on unicycle.com Uk. Any reason? I’m not afraid of paying shipping, so I think The obvious choice is Uk. What are your thoughts?

Thank you

You’ve got a loose keyway with a KH20? Are you sure it’s the keyway in the hub and not the cranks slipping on the splines?

The KH hub has what I consider to be the best keyway design. It’s a better keyway design than the Onza and Profile. I think Steve Howard has a picture of the KH keyway design in one of his galleries, but the gallery is down right now so I can’t verify. Steve’s gallery is here. I’d be a bit surprised if the KH hub developed keyway slop, unless that particular hub was machined out of tolerance. Conversely, I almost expect a Profile hub to develop keyway slop eventually. I don’t know about the new and improved Onza double keyway design.

When comparing the Onza be sure to differentiate between the first generation and second generation Onza hubs. They made some improvements to the second generation hubs.

The DM splined hub I have on my DM Vortex is not going to ever have any keyway slop because there is no keyway. The hub flanges are welded right to the spindle. Worst case scenario is that a weld cracks, but that is very unlikely.

When comparing the Onza be sure to differentiate between the first generation and second generation Onza hubs. They made some improvements to the second generation hubs.

Thanks I always noticed the difference but was never sure if there was still achance of being sold the first genereation. I’ll be sure to make that clear.


Ps. what’s the proper way to take a quote?