I started a unicycle club!

Hello friends, I just recently started a unicycle club made up of UNT students. So far, we have three people that can ride, and 5 that are learning.

The college newspaper, the North Texas Daily, did an article on us, and I got three new inquiries (so far) from people wanting to join.

Could anyone give me some tips on GROUP instruction?

I’ve taught people to ride, but I thought someone might have some tips for teaching groups of people (3-5 at a time).

Below is the article written about us in the paper.

Nice, man. I’m thinking of starting a club some time soon. Some people around my neighbourhood are getting interested in riding and have bought or are in the process of buying their own unicycle.

Cool man. I’m the unofficial President of the SUNY Oswego Unicycle Club. I’m still in the process of all the paperwork and approvals…but pretty soon we’ll be a club as well. We have 4 members as of right now.

“Bitter cold”? You ought to come ride in Oswego.

This is the view from my window: :slight_smile:

nice! I’m hoping to get a club started up down here soon:D

How does one go about making an “official” club? What makes it official?

Cool! I lived in Oz for a year as a Cayuga-ite, although it was well before I learned to ride uni. Gotta love those big winter storms, going down to the edge of the lake to watch it toss Volkswagon-sized blocks of ice up onto the shore. I spent a fair amount of time at 30 W. 5th, although you wouldn’t know to look at the place now. Now you’ve got me hankerin’ for a Beef on Wick from the Sub Shop, and the Subways here in Seattle have never heard of the thing. No way to feed the jones!

I co-started the unicycle club at UCI with Todd and Chuck last year and I say you just need to find a spot where people have space to ride and something to start with. Also bring lots of extra unicycles if you have them of different sizes. Make sure to have different types of events to keep it interesting. Congratulations on a new club!!!

It’s official if it is registered through some higher organization, like a school. For my club to become official I had to answer tons of questions and write a constitution…yes, a unicycling constitution. Now I need to get SA (Student Association) approved for insurance reasons.

Haha! Awesome!

Sadly, I have yet to order from the famous Sub Shop…I have wondered in their drunk a time or too though to avoid the cold though, haha!
Ah, Oswego, most bars per square mileage on the East Coast.

I do love the winter storms…especially last year; 12 feet in 11 days! I will try this ‘Beef on a Wick’ now though.

Anyway, you ought to come back for a reunion and ride with us. Interestingly, if you search the forums for “Oswego, New York,” you find a few of my posts and a post from someone who rode on campus in the 70’s (i think).

Cayuga is a ‘shady’ place nowadays. Frequently associated with cases of sexual assault and other mischievous behavior…incase you were interested :).

Great job Squeaky!! I will definitely give you a holler next time I plan on heading out toward Denton! I’d love to meet the gang.

Now we just gotta get your crew, the ft.worth crew, and my crew and tear it up somewherez!!!